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  1. Opened a Feature Request topic for this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26462-improve-measurement-tool-in-designer/
  2. Two related requests: 1. It would be nice to be able to read measurements using the Measurement tool without having to zoom in to 1600% all the time. 2. It would also be nice to have measurements be visible on blue objects. Sketch does this very, very well. Attached is a screeenshot of the same objects at 100% in both apps with measurements displayed using the default measurement tools (Option-hold in Sketch, CMD-hold in Affinity Designer). I recolored the background in the AD for a second screenshot to highlight that the text on measurements should probably change when the background is near the same blue as the default font color.
  3. veddermatic

    Pixel perfect mode

    +1 I just bought this yesterday, and having things be 23.8 pixels apart at x,y 15.9, 22.1 is making me sad.
  4. I know how to bring up the Measurement guides by holding CMD with an object selected. However, at 100% this is fairly useless for objects near one another, as the label font is microscopic (see attached.) How can I make it so I can actually read the text without needing to zoom in to ~1200% every time? Thanks!