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  1. Thanks Walt I have sorted this now, I didn't see the prompt about missing resources though. iI will be aware of that in the future though Thanks for the prompt reply Best Sam
  2. Since upgrading to Catalina and mac mini, I continued work on a document with many images mostly in the same folder. I have had to relink them all but as yet I can only do it one at a time - there must be a way for Publisher to automatically find the other images in the document as Quark and Indesign do (Auto link). Any advice? Thanks
  3. Publisher crash on opening Catalina 10.15.4

    1. sammyd


      I just dragged the original into the bin and downloaded a new one, worked fine,

  4. When is the user manual for Publisher being released?
  5. When is the user manual for Publisher being released?
  6. Works ok now - i trashed everything but the copy in the applications folder. (Emptied Trash) copied to launch pad re-launched and opens perfectly
  7. While in publisher, I would like to edit an image colour contrast etc in Photo. Can you open an image from within Publisher similar to ID where you double or right click on the image and you get the option to 'Edit with' and a list appears for you to click on the chosen app?
  8. I want to alter a page from the master page so i can edit it, how can i do this?
  9. What are the guidelines for opening fonts, do you use suitcase fusion which normally requires a plugin for the Application.
  10. When opening fonts should you use a font manager like mac font book, and does it work with suitcase fusion? Some help on working with fonts please
  11. I have created a button design for my artwork and I want to apply its attributes drop shadow fx exactly to another button on the same artwork. can it be saved and applied elsewere
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