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  1. Actually DXO just released a new updated standalone version of Google NIK https://nikcollection.dxo.com/
  2. ClemensE

    Call for Camera Images

    @Mark Ingram Are you looking for raw photos with special filters (Infrared) as well? Any light conditions and exposions?
  3. Here you go, just import the plugin folder under settings and tick "support unknown plugins" at the bottom.
  4. For me the Information about the Designer Workbook is a bit misleading, as you stated, that a release of a German version could be possible in December, the Web Store Shows no indication that the available Workbook is English only, for the time beeing.
  5. Are there any News, you are allowed to give us, about a DAM and it's progression? :ph34r:
  6. ClemensE

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Looking forward to the German Version, can you tell me if the Workbook is also covering the Windows Version?