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  1. Actually DXO just released a new updated standalone version of Google NIK https://nikcollection.dxo.com/
  2. @Mark Ingram Are you looking for raw photos with special filters (Infrared) as well? Any light conditions and exposions?
  3. Here you go, just import the plugin folder under settings and tick "support unknown plugins" at the bottom.
  4. Actually i just did a 240 pic focus stack and the result is quiet good. The time needed for processing was about 45 min (with an onbord graphic card (intel HD 530), my "big" one is in RMA). What I would like is having a bit more controll about the settings and parameters like Zeren or Helicon, but that can wait. Shortly after the export i got this error message. Edit: some more info about the pic EM-1 60mm macro f 2.8 step increments is 1
  5. For me the Information about the Designer Workbook is a bit misleading, as you stated, that a release of a German version could be possible in December, the Web Store Shows no indication that the available Workbook is English only, for the time beeing.
  6. Are you using, because they fixed some Focus merge related issues in In the previous ersion my stack was completely washed out, now it is quiet good, perhaps you need to update.
  7. Hmm I am using a G600 (the one with the num pad), no Problems there, I also have 2 more logitech around, going to try to reproduce it. Can you give me a bit more detailed description? :unsure:
  8. Posted my reply in the wrong/similar post, here it is https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28248-median-and-other-stacking-washing-out/?p=136986 @JoN P is your Dropbox full? can't upload.
  9. Managed to get the files earlier, one of the benefits of having a NAS, uploading 39 Pictures, 560MB as a zip. and to sweeten the deal, here is the Picture Helicon Focus has spit out. It is not perfect, it was my first Manual stack with an OM-D EM-1.
  10. Are there any News, you are allowed to give us, about a DAM and it's progression? :ph34r:
  11. Yesterday I had the exact same Problem with ORF files, the lights were blown and washed out. I used abour 40 Pictures and wanted to compare Affinity results to Helicon's. When I am back home (around 18:00 CET) I'll upload the files
  12. never mind, the problem was sitting behind the monitor :rolleyes:
  13. Looking forward to the German Version, can you tell me if the Workbook is also covering the Windows Version?
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