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  1. I prefer not to watch videos when I am only trying to figure out how to do a simple task that I know how to do in other software, and more often than not, the videos simply don't answer my question — and I am rarely in the mood to watch a 10-minute + video that may not even answer my simple question.
  2. Instead of making hundreds of videos, how about writing some proper software documentation?
  3. Maybe if Affinity Photo had proper documentation, there wouldn't be so many unsatisfied customers who have to spend time scrubbing videos on Vimeo to find answers that could be answered immediately by reading three lines of text.
  4. Wow... almost August 2017 and this issue (VERY basic functionality) is still a major problem. For anyone who's reading this post of mine, you have to: 1) make a marquee selection, 2) display the transform panel "Xfm" (sounds like a radio station), 3) drag the marquee around a little (you can't just click... you actually have to reposition the marquee), 4) and then you are able to enter numerical values for the size of the selection like you'd be able to do in Photoshop from the very instant you created a marquee selection. As far as the Info panel is concerned... LOL. This useless panel simply doesn't give any info about your selection whatsoever. As is reported above, the values disappear the instant you release the mouse button, even if your marquee is still visible. Yet somehow, once out of every 20 times, the values do persist after releasing the mouse button. These issues have existed since April 2016 (when I bought the app), and continue today in version 1.5.2. Honestly I don't see how version 1.0 was released with this behavior, and why something so simple is still a problem over year later.
  5. With the info panel visible, I select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw some kind of rectangle. Immediately upon releasing the mouse button (track pad in my case), the width and height values disappear immediately (revert to the "--" value, more specifically). I would expect that the values should remain in the info panel while the selection remains active. About once every ten times, the values remain, but I am at a loss as to why they should randomly work on very rare occasions.
  6. As it is, the Transform palette with its X and Y position information is somewhat useless unless you feel like creating a bunch of guides and calculating differences between objects and using trial and error. It would be so much more helpful if this panel showed the delta X / delta Y values when you are moving a shape to a new position. And as was first mentioned two years ago, it would be nice to have Sketch / Fireworks distance pop-ups when holding ALT. I'd consider these basic features much higher priority than what's on the current roadmap.
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