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  1. MEB, That was precisely the problem. All fixed now, thanks to you. RWC
  2. Hello: I have AF set as my Lightroom external editor on both my iMac and MacBookPro. Same versions of LR and AF and the OS on both. On the MBP, when I send an image from LR to AF for editing (usually just inpainting) and finish the edit, I hit Save, then Close, and the image goes back to LR with the adjustment. When I do the same action on the iMac, when I hit Save in AF I get a box asking where to save the image. I choose LR then close the image. But when I go back to LR, it's nowhere to be found. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Mikep. My hope from the beginning was to convey the idea that almost every tutorial can be presented in a manner that can be followed by just about everyone. I haven't been very successful. The fact that this thread has had 350 or so views, and the thread announcing the three tutorials for beginners around 3500 views illustrates there are many, many folk out there approaching advanced AF type editing for the first time. Beginners tutorials are as important as any others. But having a library of specific task tutorials that can be followed by all would seem to be a great way to enhance the acceptance of AF. Cheers. RC
  4. The problem, as already stated, is that it is impossible to create a tutorial suitable for both beginners, intermediate and advanced / professional users. They have to be 'stepped' starting with a set for basic use for beginners and then building up with are complex tasks for intermediate and advanced users. Well, I agree that you won't know how layers work unless you watch a good tutorial or two about layers. But if you haven't, you should still be able to follow a different tutorial that incorporates layers if the tutorial details each action in that tutorial. Then it's just 'monkey see, monkey do'. Another problem is that Affinity users have varying learning abilities and differing goals. Learning ability won't usually be a problem if the tutorial is clear. As for differing goals, when I watch a tutorial on sky replacement my goal is to do a sky replacement. Take a look at that one. It begins with three or four layers already open, menu's open and close mysteriously, the screen image changes with no corresponding instruction, and the cursor is mostly invisible. I have AF as my Lightroom external editor, and will continue to study the excellent library of tutorials. I haven't had 30 years of Photoshop experience (is Photoshop really that old?) so I'm going to have to work a lot harder at it than you. But that's pretty much my point. Many of us are coming to this level of editing complexity for the first time, so why not approach tutorial production with that in mind. It's not that hard. RC PS. Love your sauce ;).
  5. Thanks James. Just for the record, I've been an Aperture user for some time, and Lightroom for the last six months or so. AF is light years beyond either. I accept that by 'gentle approach' you mean tutorials that assume little knowledge of AF, and not that the user might have some sort of fragility :) (I'm an old bloke, so I may be being oversensitive here) . I get the impression I'm beating a dead horse, but I remain convinced that adding 10 or 15 percent to any tutorial duration, and using that time to verbalize each step, beginning to end, would benefit the adoption of AF. We watch any tutorial to learn how to accomplish a specific task, so why not ensure, for all users regardless of experience, that the tutorial makes that possible? I don't think advanced users would object to that, and sometimes may even appreciate it. Anyhow, onwards and upwards. RC
  6. Thanks Allan. I took a look at some of your tutorials and found them much easier to follow. A bit difficult to see the cursor, but you verbalized each step as you took it and didn't leave out the minor actions. That's just the type of help I need to accomplish the task. My process is to watch the tutorial on my iPad while I have AF open on my iMac and apply each step, pausing the tutorial if necessary. It works pretty good, but only if the steps are there in the first place. No doubt Simon's tutorials are meant for the more advanced user, but I see he has begun a series for the novice and they're considerably easier to follow. Too bad all of his tutorials don't follow this same format - there are so many good subjects covered -- but as you noted frustration is apparently part of the process. I could be wrong, but I do think the marketing of AF would benefit greatly from clearer tutorials. So many people give up on Photoshop precisely because it's too overwhelming, and tutorials that leave one frustrated just reinforce that impression. Do more advanced users dislike detailed, step-by-step tutorials? I would think they'd just simply skip the parts they don't need. Anyhow, thanks for your commitment to keeping it clear. With a complex program like AF, there are going to be lots more users thanks to help like yours. RC
  7. Does anyone else have trouble following the tutorials? Admittedly, I'm a beginner with AF, and assume they're not made for me. But I would like to see a more detailed approach instead of the cursor flying around the screen while accompanied by a myriad of clicks. A couple of cases in point -- the sky replacement tutorial and the add borders tutorial. After several attempts at both, I've given up. There's no way a beginner can accomplish those tasks based on simply following the lessons. Way too many details skipper over. If nothing else, why not have the cursor highlighted so we can see where it is on the screen. But slowing down, and detailing each step would make a big difference. RC
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