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  1. Alfred & Drippy Cat, Thanks very much for your replies and explanations. That's helped a lot.
  2. Hi Drippy Cat, Thanks for the information. I just want to be clear (i'm a bit thick you see) would the process be something like this? 1. Edit file and if cropping keep original ratio 2. when exporting do you change the pixels if they work out more than the mentioned dpi ratio?. e.g. if i wanted a 6x4" print and the pixels are say 2200 x 1920 on the file would i modify it to 1800 x 1200? thank you
  3. Hi Drippy Cat, Thanks for your honest answer to my query. I haven’t completed the SF course yet. The only reason i’m comfortable editing RAW files is because thats the only format i shoot in lol. I’ve only just got into photography and was told to shoot RAW. The thing that is swaying me to get the course is the 10 practical examples. And as the course is currently discounted my school boy maths tells me it works out at £1 for each practical example explanation which (to me) is a bargain. So i’m gonna go for it. One final query, as i’m a total newbie, is there a section (or can you recommend a tutorial) on getting our newly pristine edited photos ready to print? I know you’ve covered it slightly (i think) in the cropping part of SF course but i have no clue as to what ppi/dpi, file size and format of file to export and send off for printing. I look forward to the beyond SF course. cheers Boybrown
  4. Hi Drippy Cat, I've taken your solid foundations course (which is excellent by the way) and i was thinking of doing the RAW course as well. It seems techniques i have learned on the foundations course are repeated in the RAW course? Plus the files i was editing for the foundations course were RAW. What extra would i get from the RAW course? cheers Boybrown
  5. I'll add my voice in asking for what i believe is a much needed feature. Still no news on when its going to happen? I can see this being added to the DAM package they are working on.
  6. Hi Drippy Cat, I'm just going through your tutorial video's. Under "First things Firs"t you seem to have parts 3 & 4 the wrong way around (What is a layer and an Overview the editing process) i think. No major problem just a heads up. Unless of course i'm wrong lol.
  7. Hi Drippy Cat, Thanks for the update. You have a new student :) I look forward to taking my first steps on the road to understanding photo editing etc in Affinity Photo. I suppose i better buy the package now :lol:
  8. I'll add my thanks as well.I've downloaded the trial version of Affinity Photo and your tutorials are swaying me into making a full purchase. Keep up the good work. Brian
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