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  1. I need to organise my Mac filing system better! (Windows is organised to perfection!) as I was looking for an overlay that would really created a folded, used page, but just couldn't find it. What would you like the end result to be? I'm just curious, not meaning to interfere with your workflow
  2. My photo of Paris taken on the hottest day of 2011 at dusk when the whole of the gardens around the Eiffel Tower seemed to be one big lazy picnic, low lights and a quiet constant hum of activity. I've used a couple of other images - an old letter and a print of old buildings acquired in digital format over the years - and used transparencies and blends to get the effect I wanted. All made with Designer. Just for the enjoyment and the experience of making things.
  3. That must have taken some considerable patience - if it was a whodunit question then I would be looking for someone who buys far too many magazines and stacks them in the living room just for cutting out ransom demand letters! As a poster effect it does work, but for a little more realism the shadows need to stand out a bit more, I would also change the background, maybe add an overlay to it which gives the effect of creased paper, that would generate some automatic shadow/3D and help to lift your letters off the page occasionally. A trick that I used in previous Serif programs was to add another layer that was just a transparent/black gradient and do some nifty dragging of the transparency so that it just affects edges or corners slightly, and makes the letters look a bit roughed up and manhandled. Having said that, I do like what you have done, it takes a lot to come up with so many good variations on this theme!
  4. This creature was also found in the chimney! (He is a wood carving from the local park, obviously looking for somewhere warmer to stay for the winter).
  5. The poor builder (cry) had been up on the roof in the freezing cold, dismantling a damaged chimney, so I thought I'd make everything a bit more interesting. The Refine a Selection worked well.
  6. Sunset

    Pot Love

    Hahaha! I wonder what that might have been!!!!! No comment I'm glad you enjoyed the images and the story
  7. Sunset

    Pot Love

    Thanks for the comment I'm really looking forward to Publisher - and I had to have a happy ending, well spotted!
  8. Sunset

    Pot Love

    I wanted to use some of the huge collection of digital clipart that I've amassed as a CraftArtist User so, purely for the enjoyment, I made a page with CA then made pages in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo that used the same clipart elements and the same techniques (transparency was the only one that was created differently and that was easy enough) and to see how the work flow matched. I'm happy with the result. I never intended the three pictures to be precisely the same in any way so there are lots of subtle differences and they are immaterial to me, but I do like the little story that the three pictures tell, and how easy it is to use Designer to make just about anything.
  9. Excellent! A lot of patience, time, detail, skill and I'm with you completely about the mouse, I rarely use anything else, my mouse and I are good buddies. Love it to bits. I don't come here often, either, but seeing this has made my visit worthwhile! Hilary
  10. I'm loving the symbols. The symmetry is extremely useful and working with the objects in a symbol is easy. My snowflake is based on a 24 point star and 1 symbol duplicated onto every other point, making it simple to create a snowflake with the pen tool. The symmetry is brilliant and works with everything I've thrown at it from quick shapes and brushwork to things I'd painted in pixels - though the program did crash constantly when I tried to move a circular design that was probably a very large file size because of all the jpg images in it. No work was lost, though, it was all recovered.
  11. thank you If I revisit the city scene I'll work on those bricks, I like to set a time limit (bedtime, usually) on practice pieces but I often go back to them later and make some improvements.
  12. I an a happy cat! I found the cat tool for my Mac tonight and somehow or other I created Sunset's cat! I also had some fun with Affinity Photo removing a street lamp, no waiting signs, graffiti and people from a street scene (no work of art, there are rough edges, it's a practice piece), then used the clarity and a blend mode. Looking forward to giving those family history photos a bit of edge now Sunset is back
  13. Excellent work with the images and the painting
  14. Excellent, and a lovely gently aged, soft feel to it, enhanced by the disappearing feet :)
  15. Using Designer to imagine sitting on a headland on a balmy summer's evening, with the warm air carrying the scents and seeds of summer high into the sky :) I made the seeds the easy way with the transform tool by selecting the centre bas point for rotation and a 15 degree angle (actually, that's how I fixed the later version, I had the rotation point slightly off centre for this version which gave a more casual feel) Changed the attachment to a very low res/smaller size
  16. My kind of page, experimenting and coming up with some excellent effects :)
  17. You have no idea how many times I had to squint at your version until I could see the difference! Very good, Alfred :D
  18. Haven't posted here for a long while, but enjoyed doing some nesting this morning with a picture I took a while back of Paris Mountain in Anglesey. I used Designer for the page including fading out the background photo. Quick and easy.
  19. They were the three that I mentioned in my first post, yes.
  20. That is a good description of the problem, yes. I did move the AD Window but the menu still overlapped the dock - that was the part I couldn't resolve. And whilst I'm much happier with the Mac now than when I first bought it, I couldn't fix it so that the menu was in the main area of the screen only.
  21. Thanks for the info, but I will happily wait for the Designer update, I was only going to play with the cat - now I'm playing with the accounts instead :) Info noted, though :)
  22. That's great, thanks :) In the meantime I have saved my Windows Cat in a document :D :D :D
  23. 1.5.4 I haven't customized the tools on the Mac - and that will have to wait until a bit later, anyway, it was the old story of - I thought I'd just play with AD on the Mac whilst I had a cuppa... :)
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