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  1. Well when I saw that AD is coming to windows (as a beta at that moment) I was like "Shut up and take my money" and I stayed true to my word. Got my copy a min ago :) Wish I knew brush box set would be included tho :/ anyways gl to you with AP now and polishing AD further more. Oh and 1 question: I know that AD v.2 is a bit far away but I gotta ask, will there be an update option or will we have to pay for it as if we were new users?
  2. RosieH Someone posted about the same problem, FF and IE for some reason don't work. Try using Chrome, should work.
  3. So I will be able to install it on my new pc when I get it?
  4. It wasn't available in windows beta that's why I asked. Cool tnx, can't wait for them to come out of beta.
  5. Hi Atm we can chose between current layer and external file when we are using apply image. Would it be possible to add layer selection to it?
  6. Tnx. I know I'm asking much but about that Apply image, are you gonna add layer options as well as invert?
  7. On 1 older Mac AP thread I saw that you can use Opt + Cmd to change your brush size/hardness just like in PS. This doesn't work for me so I'm asking is it a bug or? Also while I'm here I gotta ask are you planing on adding more options to "Apply Image"? Invert and layer selection would be nice. Yea I know theres a forum section for feture request, sry again.
  8. Does it ship to Serbia (can't seam to find it in drop down menu :( )? Nvm I saw a post about Switz problems now and I would guess it's the same thing. Shame really :( Hope you change your mind on pdf version then, or at least work on another shipping method.
  9. Nope, Kaspersky, it seams Vadim has everything running in the background except kitchen sink
  10. Vadim that left portion of your windows bar sugests you have a bit more stuff running than just affinity and player, I'll do the same test on my OOOLLLLDDDDD pc to see if I get the same resault. :)
  11. Has anyone of you used any CAD program? I had them in school (Pro/Desktop; Pro/Engineer; SolidWorks...) and I think it would help a lot with logo design the most if there was an option for adding visible dimensions. something like this https://btechecar.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/main-driving-sketch.png Also I would like to ask again is there support for 3d mouses like 3dconnexion products? :)
  12. It's Win32 program then. Are you guys planning a UWP app as well in the future (using MSs bridge to convert Win32 to UWP app), I ask this cuz it seams that MS is planning a come back of ARM Windows and continuum on phones seams like a good option for the future.
  13. I'm not sure if it's there (support for these devices) as I'm waiting for windows version but if not, can you add it?
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