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  1. Good afternoon am I able to download the beta and run it alongside 1.5, or will it overwrite my 1.5 installation? Thank you John
  2. Good afternoon, have looked on the Forum but have been unable to see what the updates contain. Is there a list anywhere please? John
  3. On a related note to this question how do I output a single layer as a PDF in drawplus? At the moment when I try to do it the pdf contains all layers. Sorted worked out how to do it. John
  4. "Snap to object bounding boxes"​ was unchecked, all working now. Thank very much. John
  5. Good morning, the measurement shown on screen (snapping on) between 2 objects works fine with the arrow keys but not with my mouse only the lines display? It works whilst holding down the ctrl key and hovering with the mouse. Have I turned something off in the settings, it did work a while ago. It works fine in AP but not AD. John
  6. Thank you for this, will try in the morning. I invariable use the menus because I cannot remember the keyboard shortcuts. will give this a try. John
  7. Good afternoon. I seem to remember somebody posting a design in the resource area of a FB cover size document. I cannot seem to find it now. Can anybody provide the link please? John. Update sorry to post so soon, have now found it.
  8. Good Afternoon. Can somebody explain to me why If I bring an image into a multi layered project it just come in as a layer and not a pixel layer so I am unable to use the tool on it? Is there anyway to make this layer a pixel layer so that I can work in it please? John
  9. Thank you very much, may I take the opportunity to say I think both programs are fantastic. I never thought I would have so much fun with them. Well done Serif.
  10. Is there a shortcut or option to turn the colours back to B&W if you alter them.
  11. Thank you MBd for the swift response, worked at treat. I was getting annoyed that I had somehow made a mess of things. John
  12. Good Morning to all. I hope this does not appear as a silly question. I have a 3 layered file that I am working on, after saving I cannot work on the mask I created on one layer. My understanding is that you have to highlight the mask in the layers panel to work on it. Problem I have is the mask and the background appear to be grouped together (they are not grouped) and I cannot see how to work on the mask on its own. Hope this make sense. John
  13. Hi All, I have AD version along with AP version both windows versions and the option works Ok for me in both. Using the fill tool in AD and the G Fill tool in AP. John
  14. Hi Reglico, that's a great help thank you will give it a go in the morning. Cheers John
  15. Thanks for this, will be really useful for my video credits, if only I knew how to use/edit it after installing the font then loading the template. :( John
  16. Good morning. I may have posted this before so forgive me if I have. Is the print dialogue likely at some future date to include the same facilty as in Drawplus where you can print many from the same image? For example I design business cards in Drawplus where I can work on a business card template and then in the print dialogue I can print (step and repeat) many on an A4 sheet of card. John
  17. Just been playing around with an image of a good friend in AP, on a cold and wet miserable day here.
  18. Pedro that's great way of doing it. How about a short tutorial on it for us learners. to watch and learn your skills. John
  19. My firework brush in AP was originally a psp tube. Which I had taken into photoplus. I saved this as a png file from photoplus then imported into AP as a new image brush.
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