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  1. @kww Welcome to the Affinity forums, even if your first post is something of a rant. 😇 It has always been made clear by Serif that all releases of updates to version 1 would be free but that an upgrade to version 2 and, presumably eventually version 3, would require the user to buy again. There is nothing deceitful about this! Do you really think that Serif can afford to develop, extensively beta test and ultimately release new versions of their products, financed ONLY by the sale of whichever was the first version the user bought? Remember, the initial purchase prices of the version 1 apps was considered by many who post here as an extreme example of "excellent value for money"!
  2. @AidanW Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you tried the suggestion made earlier in this thread, to try purchasing using a different browser? On a completely different forum for totally unrelated (to Serif) products a number of users have experienced similar problems (unable to complete purchase or unable to download the software) where the "common element" has been the use of MS Edge. Suggesting they try a different browser has almost always resolved the problem!
  3. @uncutrushes Welcome to the Affinity forums. This forum post lists all the currently supported cameras in APh2. Unfortunately, yours is not listed. Support is therefore likely to come when the next release of libraw is available to and released by Serif in a future update. However, I downloaded a sample .rw2 file from here and it opened without any problem straight into the Develop screen of APh 2.
  4. Err no, I don't think they ever did! As I understand it what they (Serif) actually said was that users would get free updates for the lifetime of the version they purchased. i.e., all updates to version 1 would be free. With the arrival of version 2 I understand that policy "starts again", i.e., all updates to version 2 will be free to users who buy version 2. Perhaps version 2 should be regarded as an upgrade rather than an update?
  5. @dronecrasher See the column/panel directly to the left of the actual picture in your screenshot. That's the "Assets" panel.
  6. @Konspaul I hesitate to post this (because it is not a Serif product) but I know it has been mentioned previously in the forum, DXO Viewpoint is really very good at doing what you are asking for! It is not especially cheap but there is a Free Trial you might like to check out. It also installs as a plugin, accessible from within APh but, for reasons I have yet to ascertain, it does not "work" in that scenario! However, the Stand Alone version clearly can be used, albeit "outside" APh. @Callum should you feel this post is inappropriate in the Affinity forums please feel free to hide or delete it.
  7. @mrs68tm Have you done as @NathanC asked and uploaded your 9.5GB assets.propcol file?
  8. @caroljames972022 NO! It is because you are using the 32 bit version of Windows 7. In order to run any of the Affinity applications you must be running a 64 bit version. In addition, as @v_kyr wrote, there are other requirements for a user to run the apps under the operating system you have.
  9. @t.lange Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since you purchased the app some years ago it is quite possible you bought it from the Mac App Store. If that is the case, you will not have a "licence key" since verification is handled within your App Store account. If this is your situation you need to ensure you are logged into your App Store account, using the same ID as you used when you purchased the app and it should be immediately verified and activated. OTOH, if you actually bought the app directly from Serif, you need to log into your Affinity Store account to find your licence key.
  10. @Boneyard As @walt.farrellasked earlier, any chance you could attach one of the problem PSD files here for others to test whether they also see the problem and/or might have other ideas to offer?
  11. @Boneyard From your screenshot I see you are in Canada, my apologies! I know the US$ price is lower.
  12. @Boneyard Assuming you purchased only Affinity Photo then I'm honestly not sure how/why you paid $80.
  13. @SFurniss According to her post @Janet Sim has purchased an air ticket. I have a feeling, therefore, that is not a Serif Affinity issue! 😇
  14. @Charlene Blackman I can't directly help with your issue but, since this is a public forum, you should consider either removing the screenshot you posted or, at the least, obscure your email address. To not do either of these is to risk your email address being harvested by Spambots, with a risk of a rise in you receiving Spam!
  15. @ellycolor Thanks. But is there a particular reason you are still running an "old" version of the software?
  16. @Pšenda Possibly, or possibly not! It rather depends, I think, on when the "switching off" actually took place. I think we need @ellycolor to tell us. Also perhaps, why he/she has NOT updated.
  17. @ellycolor Given that the latest release is 1.10.5 (and hence you are some builds behind) is surely a reason to NOT ALWAYS disconnect from the internet to use the Affinity apps! Or, is there a reason why you have not updated to the latest release, assuming you were aware one exists?
  18. @v1ncent As @StevenS explained there is nothing Serif can do to help you with this problem. Apple and Serif share no customer data at all so Serif have no record of your purchase. You need to go back to Apple Support and explain to them that this is a problem only they can resolve. Your refund and replacement product order can only be initiated by them. Don't allow them to fob you off by saying that only Serif can help you!
  19. Assuming you literally mean this was being saved to your computer Desktop, this is another "area" of a computer to which saving a file is NOT recommended! It is not at all unusual for Windows to "make changes" to your Desktop and so any file saved there can be corrupted or even lost totally. Far better to save to a specific, designated folder on your hard drive. (Even better if you have multiple hard drives because then you can choose to save to one which is not your OS drive which is most commonly C:\.)
  20. @PaulaABQ Welcome to the Affinity forums. You need to download the installer to your new MAC from whichever store you originally purchased it, presumably, from what you write, the MAC AppStore. You need to ensure you are logging into the store with the same credentials as you used when you made the original purchase. If you are sure you are logging in with the same details but the app shows as you need to buy it, you will need to follow this up with the AppStore support team. Because Apple and Serif share no data on customers Serif has no record of your purchase and so cannot offer any help to you.
  21. @Wolfgang Schwaiger Although I am not a MAC user I understand your App Store account (and purchases) is linked to the email address you used when you originally purchased the apps. You say you made the purchases with a different email address. You need to log into the App Store using that email address, or, if you cannot do that you need to ask Apple Support how you can combine the old and new store accounts into one. Serif and Apple share NO customer data so no-one at Serif can help you with this problem, I think.
  22. @smolny82 Which versions of the apps do you currently have installed and what OS are you running (Mac or Windows)?
  23. @Tamaleus Check under Preferences>User interface, "Monochromatic Iconography". I suspect you need to untick it. HTH
  24. @Lee D Thanks for the latest message, but I'm not the OP! I have Designer and Photo on both desktop and iPad and I suppose, a) I didn't read the OP's post carefully enough, and b) I don't know how to draw a straight line (as per the OP's request) on the iPad.
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