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  1. Jesus! It was the thing with the "Verschieben"-Werkzeug (Move-Tool). Sorry for beeing so stupid! Shame on me. Tks @ v_kyr! Ticket to be closed
  2. Dear Supporters May be it is a question of translation too? Since I got German Language and my English is not perfect, it might be my missunderstanding. So please always be aware of that fact. And because I'm not absolutely sure, wether you're talking about "Ebenen" (Layers?), I attach Screenshot of what I see if I open image at first, without having done anything. In addition I have to mention, that I'm a absolut newbie as far as AffinityPhoto is concerned (not as fast as talking about IT, but rather used to work with Adobes PS but like to learn AP as well). Question is still: Why is (down right corner) "Transformieren" (where I should be able to change size and more) inactive? Why is it not possible to change anything? ("greyd out" as we say in German). And even if I remove the "Protection" (Lock Symbol?) it doesn't change anything. @ John: In the Layers Panel it says "Hintergrund (Pixel)" where "Hintergrund" means Background. Is this what you're talking about? And: Hope there is no missunderstanding talking about "Pixeled image as I mentioned. After having changed size from orig 6106px × 4093px down to 320px × 215px which I did through "Dokument - Dokumentgrösse ändern" (Document - change Documentsize). Of course, I can do that. And thereafter, the very small pic was shown in "fullscreen" and of course, the image was kind of "pixeled". This is not my question. @ firstdefence: I'm affraid I do not understand, what exactly is ment. Sorry, could you please give more precise info/advise. BTW: It looks the same in AffinityDesigner as I decovered accidentaly. PS: Image is a bit "pixeled" (I made it look like that!) because it does not look very delicious; it's about injured horse legs.
  3. Hi Lee Thanks for Info. However main question (Why is "Transform"-Field, bottom right side inactive? See Image) still not answered. Could you please explain, how I can reach, beeing able to work with that feature again? And: If I set new length (320 px) and width (215 px) which is a lot smaller than it used to be and have "resample" checked, I get huge View on which I even can see pix in Image. So on screen it needs to be shown much smaller. Why is the image shown that big, if it is supposed to be "resampled"? What do I get wrong? In Addition: Missing "View"-functionality like "CTRL +" to enlarge view and "CTRL -" to make it smaller. I've expected these "Menu-Commands" in Menu "View". However cannot find them there. What am I doing wrong? Sorry, my English isn't very good.
  4. Hi After having downloaded image from web-site, on which i'd like to give the webmaster a hint on pics-sizes, I intended to reduce the images size dramatically from over 6 mb down to only necessary measurement of something like 320px × 215px (orig: 6.106px × 4.093px!). However, section to "Transform" is inactive. How to get access to these parameters? How can I edit the pic? Tks & Greez Tamaleus