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  1. @Chris B Benchmark completes for me. Screenshot below, system spec in my signature. I assume the fact that my earlier attempts to run Benchmark failed because I had not then activated the CL option? Previously, several results were showing as N/A. Jeff
  2. Just tested this on my system (details in my signature), having activated the CL option and had APh Beta restart: opening a .jpg, no problem; opening a .CR2 RAW, initially I see a "black rectangle" upper right corned of the image, but it disappears within two or three seconds; pressing "Develop" (no changes made from default settings) the phenomenon repeats, i.e, initially the developed image also has the black rectangle in the same upper right corner but it similarly disappears within two or three seconds. So, a graphics redraw problem? Jeff
  3. @Lema21 What do you see in the area immediately below the section you have screenshot? On my account I see the following (with email address and key blurred out, for obvious reasons, I hope!): Jeff
  4. @Sumesh Welcome to the Affinity forums. Ultimate Retouch Panel seems to be designed as an "add-on" to Adobe Photoshop, so not a plug-in, I think? Perhaps you should contact the developer of the software and ask that they make it compatible with Affinity Photo, because I don't think that there is any way for the Affinity developers to be able to incorporate it in its current format. HTH Jeff
  5. @Myzlopez As suggested in another thread in the forum, for book covers you might also like to consider Affinity Designer (just to add to your confusion!) 🤔 Jeff
  6. That would seem to indicate that you originally purchased the app from the Microsoft Store, because apps purchased there no longer support earlier versions than Win 10, as @walt.farrell said. Jeff
  7. @Trav p Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since the error message clearly states "Your payment has been declined by your payment provider", how can you be so sure the problem is with Affinity??? However, I believe others have experienced this problem when using Debit, rather than Credit cards, especially if the owner of the card is not in the UK, where Serif/Affinity are based. I am sure one of the Serif Customer Support staff will see your post and respond after the weekend. HTH Jeff
  8. @AFaison84 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you tried making the change that @Andrea Chioato shows in the post immediately above yours? Jeff
  9. @GlueFactoryBJJ Did you read what @Dan C wrote in his reply to you: Because of this, Serif/Affinity cannot "fix" this, sorry! Jeff
  10. @tschoen Welcome to the Affinity forums. Go to Preferences>User Interface and alter the settings in the area highlighted on my screenshot below:
  11. I'm not sure exactly how Serif/Affinity would be able to do that? The problem is clearly with Malwarebytes code (somewhere) so not something Serif can address, I think. Jeff
  12. @Paulus Winata Welcome to the Affinity forums. I suspect it would be very useful if you could say exactly which features are missing when you import those brushes to Affinity Photo. Jeff
  13. Slightly rhetorical question but, why do you assume that every feature/facility of PS must also be in Affinity Photo? I apologise I'm not able to offer help to you, I'm very much an amateur and limited user of the software but, because of that "status" I often wonder why PS users seem to expect that APh will be, almost, a clone of PS. Jeff
  14. @Spud Can you attach one of your "problem" NEF files to your next post, to allow others to download it and test on their systems? Jeff
  15. @Pat Strauss Welcome to the Affinity forums. Simple answer: Yes. You can install the app(s) to as many computers running the same OS as you own or control. HTH
  16. @rururin The only plugins that will "work" in Affinity Photo are those with an .8bf extension. Clearly, your "openexr" is of a different type. Jeff
  17. @dtmcc Yes, it works in APh; better than in PhP X8, difficult to say because, speaking personally, I only acquired any version of the NIK collection after buying APh. Jeff
  18. @dtmcc Welcome to the Affinity forums. (Notice Affinity, not Infinity!) Win7 must have SP1 installed and the Aero interface enabled, I understand. I assume you checked the computer requirements before downloading or buying the app? HTH Jeff
  19. "Native" AD files, no; AD files exported to pdf should be possible, I think (assuming that Illustrator can "edit" pdf files). I don't have Illustrator so can't be sure. HTH
  20. @Paul turner Welcome to the Affinity forums. Did you check the compatibility list on this page? There I see the iPad Mini 5 listed, but not the 4. Refunds, you will need to ask Apple via the iPad app store. Serif has no data exchange with the Apple or Microsoft app stores so has nothing to do with sorting any refund requests for purchases from those stores. Jeff
  21. @Randy Austin Err, correction, it is! All three apps on my system, under Windows, use the "light" interface. Jeff
  22. @SalomeM Welcome to the Affinity forums. For all the Affinity apps each licence is permanently linked to both the store used to purchase it (Serif, the Windows App Store, the Mac App Store or the iPad App Store) and to the operating system of the original purchase (Windows, Mac OSX or iOS). So, as you are changing from one OS (OSX) to a different one (Windows) that does entail buying a new licence and then downloading and installing the Windows version, either direct from Serif or via the Windows App Store. There is no method by which you can simply pay the "difference to have the Windows version". At full price, the OSX and Windows versions are the same price, as they were when the 50% discount was being offered.
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