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  1. WillAdams

    CAD like dimensions

    Using Altsys Virtuoso or Freehand, one could program Postscript strokes to get dimension lines.
  2. A free tool which affords this (after a fashion) is Inkscape. Import into it, export as .pdf, then open in the application of your choice.
  3. There's an Applescripting list which is really good which Apple hosts. There's also some work on a standard scripting library which would be nice to get Apple to include w/ the OS, but I can't paste anything into this... I've gotten stuff done w/ AppleScript which just wasn't feasible otherwise --- including one script which Adobe's scripting evangelist stated was flat out impossible.
  4. Affinity itself is the wrong place to put the effort --- instead, pitch in on GNUstep, so that it can be used to compile and run Affinity Designer / Photo.
  5. InDesign's scripting model would be a good one to emulate --- there's a core scripting engine, which allows one to use three different languages: - Applescript on Mac OS X - VBScript on Windows - JavaScript cross-platform on either Lua or Python as platform-independent options would be nice, but it would be good to have AppleScript support, or at least afford a way for AppleScript to call whatever scripting language is used to control Affinity Designer on the Mac --- similarly on Windows, it would be great to allow Powershell or VBScript to be able to engage scripts.
  6. Is it only Win 10 which needs 64-bit? Or will Win 7 32-bit and Win 8.1 32-bit not be able to?
  7. Applescript and Automator support would prob. make it possible for me to justify Affinity Designer at work.