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  1. Hehehe, well... i didnt know that ether :) Live and learn.
  2. You like to use "noise". I like it. I think its way too little used in designs. So, lets make more "noiseeee"! :)
  3. digitoimisto GURU

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    Tommy Stark. Nope, not the Ironman, but close, really close. Im only missing the money and the iron suite. And as you can C from my "tag" here, i cant write :D GURU is the right way, but hey, who cares. What i DO know, is to run web design business and have done so for over 15 years now. I was part of Macromedia fanclub until adobe went and destroyed it. I have personally used Fireworks from day one. Always have loved it. Tried to move to Photoshop, other variables, but no, there never haven´t been the right kind of feeling and UI. TODAY i finally lost it. Honestly, it was 2-4 times in day fireworks crashed (all others in our office use other software, im old fashioned they say...) and i was starting to look for alternatives. I have been waiting Long for Alan Musselmans (did i spelled that correctly) alternative since he was head of fireworks department in adobe, but it seams he lost the red line in way. But boys, today, i found one. I can honestly say that haven´t stumbled to so good "out of box" software since the days of my begining then what i stumbled today. This Affilnity sofar, it have been like i have been using it for years. All new features make perfect sense, its like i have been part of development team. So, from one days experience, i am super super awesomely positively happy for your product. Keep up the good work. I allso have to ask the background of developers, since its different yes, but theres so much "fireworks" on this that have someone worked for adobe or have just been fan of fireworks? ( and honestly, i have just downloaded software, watched couple of tutorials, i have zero knowledge of the company behind it at moment of writing this. )

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