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  1. It's about clients! Most of my client needs they campaign in different languages, including RTL. In 2016 I decided to stop my Adobe subscription and migrated to Affinity! And believe me, it was hard at that time! But now, after four years, I still have to buy Adobe each time I have clients with a multi-language project! I appreciate their work, and I'm still supporting them, but it's not fair to us! They said this is a hard task, the same as a lot of other things, but they need to start! So why not put some effort here for text directions!
  2. Thank you, everyone. Those links work and not work. But they are helpful (I attached the screenshot). I asked Affinity about this in Twitter and this is their response: "These will require a major rewrite of the code base so at the moment there are no plans to introduce right to left text support but we may introduce this in the future." and when I asked why this feature has a low priority, they said: "It's a complex feature to add to our apps but it's on our developers todo list for the future. When we have an update, we'll let everyone know." So, I don't think they will add this feature soon
  3. Hey, Any update? the R-to-L is not something postponing for last. It is a MUST feature for many people!
  4. Blend tool is needed!. if you are still looking for an example, check Andrea Minini's work.
  5. The same request here. This is very important feature!
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