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  1. not sure but you could try an app like https://portableapps.com/ to make it "portable"
  2. you should try with proton (valve/steam) he provide dx11 dx12 and vulkan compatibility !! just that
  3. @Snapseed did you tried the new Wine "Proton" made by Valve ? I did tried some unavailable 3d software and it's working very good. (but you have to compile Proton for yourself if the software you want to test isn't on the Steam Store...) We did see the past years a big move for pro software on Linux, at least 3d and Audio, then Video for some and now Games ! congrats to Valve !
  4. Duh that's not what I've expected, Isn't publisher a helper to build something, not by hand ??? I don't understand it right, so what's the purpose of publisher apart from putting page number automatically? Ok, but: 1. This is way overcomplicated 2. I can't modify the asset like an instance, so if I need some adjustement , I'm just fucked ! Please explain me better what Publisher is for because without for now I think publisher is for brochures or poster work. Any work with 3+ pages will fail
  5. Ok, Let says I'm making a book where on every page I place a picture on the right and a text on top, and on each pages I place the content in another text frame. If I add on the master page those "frames" like a "template" text and image template frames, then, I can't edit those in my real pages. How do you guy lives without a feature like that ? What I'm missing here ?
  6. Sadly you’re speaking about old dumb guys... I hardly know any guy enough lasy to buy support or book! - My children uses Linux without any support or book, it’s all in the internet. - the kids here embrace thoses open tech and it’s very good. Therés a big movement in France to « Disrupt » all that F**king commercial and corporate softwares. For the sake of our future (I’m sure you understand that argument) - Some parts of my neighbors surprisingly use Linux despite they are not tech people. The argument is the freedom, the security. It’s very important here and many fears about the Big US Corporation, we don’t use Google but Ecosia or likes.
  7. Ahh? I assume you're working for Serif ? no, you're saying that just because you don't want their product on Linux for whatever reason. Man, 50% of Pro Linux Software exist because big client with many seats wants software in the environment they are working. (The rest are on Linux because they are made on Linux first) So If tomorrow let says a big studio contact serif and put enough money on the table I assure you Serif will make the conversion. Plus, I'm sure the conversion isn't so hard if they want it, nowadays recent program code isn't so tied to the OS which was not the case in the 2000's. Serif already made the Windows version, unless they're completely crazy they already made their code 90 to 95% OS independent
  8. You're completely out of your mind! you're talking pros without any ITs in their compagny it's unrealistic. That's not the case for every Graphic company I worked for. Nearly all Corporate managed by ITs tends to be pushed on Linux! In general, here in Europe Starting from Governments, Shopping malls, big Facilities, every ultra professional users are on Linux it's a necessity if they want to be in control and secure. I can assure you nearly every Indy Artist with 5y+ of experience I know have plans to move on Linux, some did, some not, waiting for more software support.
  9. Well, I see your point but maybe it's not the same for others buying hardware and make money with it... For example, Win10 has a Huge flaw, he reserve, no matter what 10% of the GPU memory for his display manager. You can say it's fine but it isn't because he blindly reserves the same on other GPU even if they display nothing! You can imaging the performance loss just for that. Many Win based studios have been forced to go back to win 7 ! https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/15b9654e-5da7-45b7-93de-e8b63faef064/windows-10-does-not-let-cuda-applications-to-use-all-vram-on-especially-secondary-graphics-cards?forum=win10itprohardware That's just one example how Microsoft don't give any attention to professionals. And don't ask how many people stucked after a forced update even if you have a "pro" version... (me included and maybe you too / 50% chance !). I can't say the same for Ubuntu install, every of mine are there even with 10 y old installs upgrade after apgrades ! No, If pros could have their software on Linux they would use it, i'm sure
  10. Sorry, but my main concern working in Linux is about performances ! You can expect a CPU render 30% faster than on windows Goes the same with cuda GPU 20 to 30% too Launching Software is ... very fast too That's not a joke, even moving files is way faster, I work mainly with large files or files sequences, while windows and macos is doing whatever I know before starting moving or copying files Linux boxes are done !
  11. Interesting blender Open Data, reflecting what i see at work. https://opendata.blender.org/ linux users 12032 windows users 3180 macos 196
  12. Rethinking own opinion anytime is part of the human nature, Fortunately! Others are just dumb
  13. Hi Douglas, I've already plaid the same as you. Just give up for Serif on Linux, their users aren't so open-minded. Thought their youngness of this company, they aren't following the open and positive attitude you can see elsewhere in the industry.
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