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  1. Definitely a weird behavior. I had no problem highlighting text, and suddenly, I can't highlight any text in my file (opening a different tab, copy/paste text frame, I can select/highlight). I kept clicking around in text, played a bit with some frames (making sure they were within bleed - they were), put the "Show bleed" off and back on… At some point it started working again, not sure which action solved it though.
  2. sowenjub

    Symbol within symbol

    Hey Sean, I realized when I tried to submit the zip that I just forgot to press the "Attach this file" button the first time, sorry about that.
  3. sowenjub

    Symbol within symbol

    Hello, this is linked to this bug report. I found a workaround to the above bug (by adding a layer to the symbol and they add the sub-symbol to that layer), but it causes another kind of bug, see attached video. Thanks! Symbol within Symbol.mov.zip

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