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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I REALLY MISS Freehand! 😞 I miss it even more having recently discovered some old files that were saved in it... 😞 😞 😞
  2. Yes! It could be so easy... I just spent 15 minutes having to do manually what that button could do in a second! 😫
  3. It looks to me like there is still no easy way to permanently crop (i.e. crop destructively). If not, IMHO, this needs to be added ASAP. From a workflow standpoint (I guess I'm used to the Photoshop tool from many years of use), NOT having a destructive capability actually makes my job harder. There ARE times you want to cut away the stuff you don't need!
  4. I second the above. I'm glad to see Reveal in Finder exists, though! OMG. Was about to lose what's left of my mind. I sometimes have 10+ files open for days at a stretch while I'm working on projects, and I often forget where I've parked them. The irony here is having many folders for organization, and trying to be very organized, leads to scads of nested folders, which gets confusing in and of itself. Or maybe it's just age and creeping senility...
  5. I just thought of a way to do this with a pixel layer. It's kinda obvious once you get the "Aha!" moment. Select the shape you want to stroke and create a new layer. Fill the new layer with white (or any other color for that matter; it just needs to be different from the Stroke). Define the Stroke (as if stroking a path) using FX > Stroke. With a white Fill, use a black Stroke. Make a copy of this layer if you think you may need to make adjustments. Rasterize the layer, then select the fill color and delete it. Voila! You've now got a stroked path! It's kind of a kludge, but it works! :-)
  6. Thanks, MEB, for providing a way to – kinda – do this. I've been scratching my head for quite a while on this very thing. I would consider stroke path to be basic functionality in any graphics app. That you can do it easily in Photoshop but not in Photo is maddening. At least for me. I wonder if others feel the same way? Is this capability going to be implemented at some point? (NOTE: I basically love and use Photo and Designer, but there are some really easy-to-do things in Photoshop which are actually a pain over here. Sigh...)
  7. I for one really need this production capability! To be clear, what I need (and I'm sure others are in the same boat) is the ability to specify a "base layer" or layers (like a background pattern, logo, watermark, etc.) beneath/above which other layers are to be added, either individually or in groups, and then exported as fully composed individual files. For example, I'm doing a t-shirt design on multiple colors of shirts. The final, composed files for each color of shirt will all have the same drop shadow, background, logo, text, etc. If there were a way to batch process export, it would be an enormous time, sanity and maybe life saver! The document might look something like: Layer 1: Logo Layer 2: Main t-shirt graphic Layers 3-15 (maybe in a set): Shirts of the same geometry (size and shape), but of different colors. Layer 16: Shirt drop shadow Layer 17: Contact/copyright info Layer 18: Background Of course, I can save off each composed piece of art (featuring a different colored t-shirt) separately, but this is time consuming and tedious, particularly when working with dozens of t-shirt designs! Computers are supposed to make repetitive tasks easy, right? If this could be done with a SIMPLE, easy to use interface, so much the better. I'm thinking there might be a toggle to "lock" all layers/groups which remain the same, and then another which is is labeled something like: "rotate thru images on save". You then go to Export and voila -- you've now got separate, composed, final files for the different t-shirt colors! Anyway, I love Affinity Photo, but when it comes to stuff like this, it's looking like I'm going to have to back to Photoshop (and it's dread scripting ability). Unless you can tell me otherwise, of course! Thanks. FOLLOWUP: After MANY HOURS of trying various software and searching, I found one app on Mac that does the job quickly and easily, if simplistically. You can load in a background, bulk upload a set of pics to be overlayed (in my case, .png files of t-shirts), and then batch output to a folder. It's NCH's Pixillion. FYI. It's even got a free trial. I still hope Affinity can come up with a more robust method of doing this. :-)
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