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  1. About to get one but my question is what happens when there are updates in the software that would not be in the book?
  2. Odd. Had to create a new account in the shop? It is different to the account I am using for the forum?
  3. When I save an image using the "Export" persona, I seem to be missing the info on the date taken. I can see it in another editing program after an edit an export. Scratching my head in confusion. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I see that now. It would be nice but question answered. I am using "Open" and finder preview set to view images rather than file names and it works fine and came across media browser. Only problem with that is the .xmp files cluttering the view as I have directed PSE to those folders. If I jump ship, then they (.xmp) will be cleared out.
  5. I am trying the trial version. I am trying the media browser to go to my photos directory (mainly RAW) and it appears to be slow to drill down the folders, four folders in from main HD. Then it will take a while to populate thumbnails. It seems quicker to quit the program then re open and the selection starts to populate. What am I doing wrong? Not decided yet what I am going to use as a manager for the pics yet, half one program, half another but the folders are sort of logical for me but not buried in any iPhoto or Photo directory structure. Just the simple naming folders then date taken
  6. Hi there. Very amateur and in a mess with PS Elements (organiser and editor), iPhoto (which I liked and no longer use) and Photo (which I have big doubts over). Been using the Canon photo professional 4.x instead of PSE of late for basic RAW adjustments. Need a good organiser and editor that is within my capability. So, on with the trial, and trying the extension for photo to see if it all gels for me.
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