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  1. 10 hours ago, kenmcd said:

    Users want to know: which of my fonts can I use for the Cyrillic script, and then which fonts support specific languages such as Bulgarian, Serbian, or Ukrainian, etc. (which have differences from the basic Cyrillic script).
    The Corel font picker can at least filter by script (but not by language).

    Yes, that is exactly what I want.

    9 hours ago, kenmcd said:

    I like the way ID and QXP immediately highlight the unsupported text the moment it is typed. You know instantly, and exactly where your attention is focused. Not something you may notice later.

    This would be even better. Lets see if Affinity is going to do something about this in near future.

  2. Hi,

    there is a problem with code pages preview in a font list. There is an attachment. Select the text (written with cyrilic support) and you will see, if you scroll through fonts list the all fonts "support" cyrilic, whicih is not true. That is because Affinity decided to adopt Word like font preview (same problem there, too). As you can see from the example only interpunction signs are with Bauhaus font, not the whole text, because Bauhaus do not support cyrilc.

    But, CorelDRAW has top notch way of showing the fonts list. Simply, fonts that do not support the proper code page are shown in the list but are grayed out and can't be applied to the text. I like Affinity to choose his way of fonts list preview rather then the one we have now.

    Cyrilicg text.afpub

  3. On 2/17/2023 at 11:51 PM, loukash said:

    Draw a blank vector shape of your choice and clip (not mask) any layer(s) you want with it.

    So, why do we need crop tool, if we can achieve the same results with vector shapes?

    Crop tool in Photo should work the same way as in Publisher and Designer. For now, you can crop the image only to the document size and after that it is unusable at all. You can't crop any other object if you need to.

  4. 24 minutes ago, Old Bruce said:

    To the best of my knowledge Publisher doesn't pay any attention to the Margins when I adjust the the size of the text frame. Make a document with text frames the size of the margins, alter the size of the margins. The text frames will remain the size they were before.

    Thanks, Bruce. Because of you I will change my way of thinking regarding this matter. I will work this way from now on:

    1. margins will always be set to 0 when creating a new document;
    2. I will create a grid on master pages;
    3. draw linked text boxes that snap to the guides of my choice;
    4. import the text on the main pages.
  5. 7 hours ago, GarryP said:

    Can you explain how you created the grid, what sort of guides you are using, and give an example of a use-case for what you are trying to do?

    As first, I created this example in InDesign because there is no option in Publisher for creating grids that span the whole page or spread -- only to the margins. The grid color is Cyan, the margins are in magenta and I drew the green rectangle to show where I need the margins to be repositioned. Repositioning them by entering numbers is too slow and not so precise.

    Why I do need this? Maybe for interior part of a book design?


  6. Hi,

    when you select the crop tool in Designer or Publisher it matches the selected object(s), but in Photo it selects the whole canvas. Why it doesn't work the same way as in AD or APub?

    When you create a new document it should be the size you wanted for that document. And if you want to change it later, you can do it by changing the size of the document. The same way you change the size of the artboard in AD or the size of the page in APub.

  7. On 2/27/2023 at 5:10 PM, dominik said:

    I think everyone will come up with their preferred file format to be included in the menu, too. But OTOH I think the idea is not too bad if you take it a little further. Make it a command like 'Quick export to predefined in preferences format'. This way your suggestion would remain a one menu entry thing and could improve personal workflows quite a bit 🙂


    Maybe a list of all available formats with checkboxes to select the formats you need?

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