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  1. Affinity does not ignore anybody. They are just a small team and demands are too many.
  2. Half an hour ago I thought the same. Serif bought Adobe and now, the Serif of Nothingem is in charge to decide -- which Adobe apps will be executed and which will be spared.
  3. Usually, companies that have no new ideas to offer, accept the subscription model.
  4. As said long time ago Affinity do not plan to do it. So, the work arround, until they add bitmap trace, is to trace it in Inkscape and use it as a vector object.
  5. The integration can be even better if they: make Preferences common for all 3 apps with separate sections for apps specific preferences; if you can drag & drop objects between apps; allow common swatches, object styles, text styles...
  6. YOu need to unistall only KB5017262 update If you have problems only with selecting a font from the fonts dropdown menu on Windows 10. No need to unistall the other ones.
  7. Well, all Affinity apps or on iPad too, as you know. So, this is just an info for potential new buyers of iPad M2 to decide whether to buy it or not.
  8. It will be even better if they offer ID and QXP shortcuts for the users familiar with these apps.
  9. Lets first see if Affinity will offer this feature in v.2. There is not such a feature in v.1, yet.
  10. No, you are wrong. It is even cheaper than Designer because for $100 you get 2 licences -- for Windows and Mac.
  11. A long time ago XDP was cumbersome with CMYK files. Is there anything new in that field? I, also, thought you will mention Vector Styler.
  12. They are very long on v.10. Maybe they are dead not Affinity?
  13. Affinity will be alive untill they resist something like this: Adobe - Adobe to Acquire Figma
  14. The real resolution of the image is its size in pixels, not the DPI value.
  15. At least, we agree that something like this is need it and how you will use it is up to your liking. Well, you'll have to do some math and adjustments, as well.
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