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  1. I am not sure. I just wanted to see what happens when vertically arranged. I suppose: vertical alligned -- keeps left and right master pages; converting to non facing -- you won't have the left master page as you can see from the file you sent to me. Only right pages are numbered.
  2. Hi, I open IDML with right click > Open with... File > Document setup Model > Arange Vertically Publisher crashes. I tried this 3 times with same result.
  3. I left a document open in Publisher and shutdown the computer. When I started the computer and open Publisher, I got a message that the document must be repaired.
  4. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough. What I want is if I left a document open in Publisher, then when I restart the computer should restart Publisher and open the document the document. Something like in a sleep mode.
  5. Since version 10, Windows added Apple feature to reopen the apps which have been opened when you shut down the computer. At this point only Microsoft (and maybe some Adobe ones) are adjusted to this feature. Can we expect Affinity to join them?
  6. There are about 2.5 years since version 2.0. I hope v. 2.5 will be last of it. I am waiting 3.0 very soon with these features in Publisher: Acrobat's Print Production tools; span/split columns; mulipage tables span; table notes; GREP styles; decorations from paragraph styles to be added to character styles; cleaning the mess of applying colors to objects (you have to open other panels to apply colors to objects instead from swatches panel only); more IDML features; converting text => table and vice versa; object styles (like InDesign).
  7. I don't think it is a big deal at all, but anyhow, would it take too much time to be fixed?
  8. It won't change anything for the users if this one space is Artboard instead of Canvas.
  9. As you can see from the file attached, footnote rule stays behind the rectangle when text wrap is applied. If you start moving the rectangle slowly to the left, the rule will appear. test.afpub
  10. Maybe they are left when I installed .EXE versions of Affinity?
  11. In that case, search for "PANTONE" on your C:\ disk and find the folders where the PANTONE colors have .CSV extensions.
  12. This path is for Designer for MSIX installers: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Designer 2\Resources\Pantone
  13. Here are CorelDRAW colors definitions in CSV and XLSX formats. CSV has to be placed in the PANTONE directory to work. NOTE: If you use MSIX installers, the colors has to be placed again because they are removed after each update (upgrade). CorelDRAW default colors.csv CorelDRAW default colors.xlsx
  14. OK. It can be Area Code or Area/Provider Code... whatever.
  15. Is it possible to divide the telephone number in 3 parts: Country code: +389 (Macedonia) Provider's code: 75 (Telekom) Tel. number: 123-456
  16. They could add any modifer key to make it act like in Designer and Publisher.
  17. I always define the document size when I create a new document, so the crop tool in Photo(shop) is absolutely useless for me. It would be much more useful to crop other images placed in the main Photo document beside using cliping shapes.
  18. By this I had in mind picture like it is opened in Photoshop without smart object option. To show only portion of it you must use masks. You can't crop it because you will change the document size. Sadly, Affinity Photo works the same way. Crop tool should work the same way as in Designer and Publisher. It would be even better if we can crop pictures as in InDesign -- just with resing the picture frame, without crop tool.
  19. Without picture frames you can have only square or rectangular picture formats. By using picture frames you can create unlimited number of other shapes: oval, triangular, polygonal, free-hand...
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