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  1. No, I watched that - and know how to make dashed lines, it was just getting the settings correct. In Illustrator you use whole numbers - the smallest you can go is 0.05, so I just didn't realize that I had to go so small to get similar results. Thanks again.
  2. Yes, thank you - I tried so many settings, but don't think I took that second gap all the way down to decimals, but kept enlarging it. I couldn't imagine that such a simple thing couldn't be done. Now I feel silly, but relieved! Thanks, now I can integrate this fully into my workflow!
  3. No, that doesn't change anything other than whether the dash is a rounded or blunt segment - still not more dashes.
  4. I am trying to create a think line - 18 points or more, that has small dashes to look like a crosswalk - I am able to do it in Illustrator 18 points, gap of 2 and 4 and can get the perfect effect. When I try this with Design, I can't get small enough lines - gaps. This is a big stumbling block for me. Is there a solution - I have tried 18 pt, .5 and 4 gap and can't get any smaller. When the gap is bigger than .5 I don't even get a gap showing - these line segments are not long lines. Images posted. Is there an alternative way of doing these? Thanks
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