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    SVG export problem

    If you're running your svg through an optimiser for use on the web, be careful of the option 'remove non-essential styles'. If it can't be deselected in the optimiser then open the svg file in a plaintext/code editor and add style="fill-rule:evenodd;" back in after the viewBox attribute and hit save.
  2. Would it be possible to duplicate an object by holding down Command or Option *after* you have started dragging the object? Currently you have to hold Command or Option down *before* you select and drag the object to duplicate it. Coming from Illustrator, this is a slow and painful muscle memory to remove as you have to stop, undo, then start again (times one hundred). I can see how Illustrator and Designer handle object movement differently, so this might be a big change. Here is an example of how it could work using the current (visual) drag method. 1. Start dragging object 2. Hold down Option/Command 3. '+' icon appears over the original (currently dragging) object and a copy of object re-appears at original location. 4. Release mouse button first and both get locked down. Release Opt/Cmd first and only the drag is applied. Love your work :)