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  1. aaandy

    SVG export problem

    If you're running your svg through an optimiser for use on the web, be careful of the option 'remove non-essential styles'. If it can't be deselected in the optimiser then open the svg file in a plaintext/code editor and add style="fill-rule:evenodd;" back in after the viewBox attribute and hit save.
  2. aaandy

    Wonky Expanded Stroke

    I've used this workaround a few times to get past the issue, but it still hits my confidence in the resulting shape. It's also not great when you're working with variations of an object. Depending on what type of/mix of measurements/units you're using it can be a bit rough getting the size back to exactly what it was.
  3. Hi team, I read somewhere that expanded stokes being wonky was a known issue and being worked on as part of a larger project. Is this the case / could we please get an update? I've been producing more and more of my work through AD instead of Illustrator, but this is forcing me to go back to Illustrator (and one does not simply *go back* to Illustrator). Let me know if there's anything I can do to help out (testing/examples).
  4. aaandy

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    I use Zipped app to unzip/zip things. Worth a look for now: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/zipped/id1275135452?mt=8
  5. aaandy

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    I feel the timing of this feature needs revisiting. It's too fast. It's incredibly frustrating when you don't understand what it's doing, and a minefield when you do. I was doing some edits last night and wanted to throw my iPad Pro across the room. I came back to the thread and reread the feature list. Back to my file, filled with knowledge, it was still incredibly hard to finish putting a Mario moustache and hat on a shark (I am trying to do the lord's work here). Anyway, yeah, a timing tweak would be great.
  6. aaandy

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    Fantastic improvements here. Thank you for your work Regarding fonts, would it be possible to point AP to a folder on iCloud Drive and have it stay up to date? - Check for changes on launch, manual check in settings.
  7. Would it be possible to duplicate an object by holding down Command or Option *after* you have started dragging the object? Currently you have to hold Command or Option down *before* you select and drag the object to duplicate it. Coming from Illustrator, this is a slow and painful muscle memory to remove as you have to stop, undo, then start again (times one hundred). I can see how Illustrator and Designer handle object movement differently, so this might be a big change. Here is an example of how it could work using the current (visual) drag method. 1. Start dragging object 2. Hold down Option/Command 3. '+' icon appears over the original (currently dragging) object and a copy of object re-appears at original location. 4. Release mouse button first and both get locked down. Release Opt/Cmd first and only the drag is applied. Love your work :)
  8. Great work so far! Just wondering if you could reconsider grouping the Artboard Tool with the Move Tool? The Artboard tool is rarely used while the Move tool is used constantly. There's also a bug if you add the separate Artboard Tool button to the toolbar - When you select it, the Move Tool swaps to the Artboard Tool as well.