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  1. gurkanerol

    object slice error

    the same problem exists in the other program affinity photo and designer slice export all error
  2. 63D6D07E-DFE2-485B-945F-C11F2C0AE8C0.MOV 63D6D07E-DFE2-485B-945F-C11F2C0AE8C0.MOV 5ADD4380-086A-4FA3-850B-2C408747E28C.MOV
  3. why the first to export directly to the artboard while others add the wrong pixel
  4. gurkanerol

    live Trace

    hahah fun! time range? your forum one Turk I only :)
  5. primarily thanks Your save me from the curse of adobe :) Is the future there will be live trace? artboard page layout and adding future? Future 3D work? When will 3x 4x blend? so much :)

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