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  1. Thanks for the info @Sean P. I haven't been using Designer much since this bug was introduced and I was going nuts trying to figure out a workaround other than shuffling artboards. Looks like shuffling is the only way right now so I will continue to avoid Designer. HOPEFULLY this is fixed soon because it completely destroys the way I work… When/if you have any updates (or a workable workaround) it would be great to hear about it. Thanks! -Scott
  2. Hoping to get a response to this in case it was lost during the holiday weekend…
  3. The gist of it is no matter what document I'm in (including a brand new file) whenever I use the ARTISTIC text tool, all my guides disappear. This doesn't happen with the frame text tool. I can switch between them and see it happen with artistic and not happen with frame. To get the guides back, I've got to switch to another tool and select another shape. I'm attaching a short video for clarity. In case it's important, all these documents have artboards in them. I pretty much exclusively use artboards. I've got no idea what's up with this but for some reason I started experiencing this today. I'm nearly positive it's localized to my home machine (I'll test tomorrow at the shop) but I would like to log it just in case. I know this wasn't happening yesterday, or even earlier today, on this machine. Ninja Edit: I just noticed that deleting guides from the Guide Manager is super glitchy. Even when I make the guides visible again, the trashcan won't activate unless I create another guide (or drag one in). I'm also seeing negative guides persist (i.e., off the artboard), which isn't something I remember happening before. Stuff I've done: Reset ALL user settings (holding ⌃ while launching Designer) Deleted/reinstalled app Looked for all pref files and deleted them Restarted a few times After all this, I tried with a number of different documents & saw the same behavior I also created new blank docs & saw the same behavior I know I'm missing a pref file somewhere because Designer knows what my previously opened files were, but I haven't spent a ton of time to locate anything but the low hanging fruit. My guess is if someone knowledgeable can tell me where ALL Designer files live this issue will be resolved… Thanks ahead of time, Scott UPDATE 171227: I installed the beta hoping this issue would be cleared up, and it was. So either there's an actual bug in the App Store version, or I've got a corrupted pref file that I can't find. I would really appreciate it if a mod or someone knowledgeable can respond to this with the locations of all pref files so I can test my theory out. Thanks! --- macOS 10.13.2 MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) Affinity Designer 1.6.0 affinity designer display bug.mov
  4. Necroposting this back to life. Please please add this feature. I use dual monitors at work and single at home. Having to reset all my panels at work after I've opened Designer at home is a totally unnecessary hassle.
  5. Yeah, my experience is the same (I was unclear about that in my post). I've also noticed that you can select something, say a single shape, below a group and typing ⇧↑ will select the bottommost item inside that group (not the entire group) and add it to the selection. Keep typing ⇧↑ and you'll add more and more objects inside that group to your selection. Also my experience is the same: click on it in the workspace/artboard and nudging works as expected.
  6. I've been struggling with this off and on for ages. I just got a new MacBook Pro touch bar, clean install, no migration asst, yet I'm still experiencing it. It's pretty random, and I'm thinking it may have to do with some element in an old file (pretty much the only thing I'm currently using Designer for is a new business so I'm reusing logo elements etc). I haven't spent enough time on a fresh document to know if it's happening on new files. I have triggered it by something as simple as adding a rectangle to a file that's tweaking out. I'm pretty much just throwing my hat in the ring so you know there are other users still experiencing this. ˓ scott ˒ MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016), 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 Designer 1.5.4 (MAS)
  7. I'm experiencing this exact issue. I thought I was going mad… I can replicate it at will (even in a new document after a restart). Basically, just create a couple shapes or whatever in a new doc. Select one of the shapes in the layers panel. ⇧↑ or ⇧↓ and you'll select the layer or whatever above/below (and won't shift the shape at all). If instead you ⇧ ← or → you'll get an alert sound. Hope you can figure this out! Lemme know if I can help further. My system: Designer 1.5.4 (MAS) MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016), 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 ˓ scott ˒
  8. Just piping up to say I'm really struggling with this as well. I'm not sure what it is about my workflow that regularly triggers this, but it's a *huge* productivity killer for me. Fingers crossed this gets fixed in the next update… I've searched the forums and there are two other posts about this, but nobody has a solution/workaround other than restarting the app.
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