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  1. Thanks for the info @Sean P. I haven't been using Designer much since this bug was introduced and I was going nuts trying to figure out a workaround other than shuffling artboards. Looks like shuffling is the only way right now so I will continue to avoid Designer. HOPEFULLY this is fixed soon because it completely destroys the way I work… When/if you have any updates (or a workable workaround) it would be great to hear about it. Thanks! -Scott
  2. Necroposting this back to life. Please please add this feature. I use dual monitors at work and single at home. Having to reset all my panels at work after I've opened Designer at home is a totally unnecessary hassle.
  3. Yeah, my experience is the same (I was unclear about that in my post). I've also noticed that you can select something, say a single shape, below a group and typing ⇧↑ will select the bottommost item inside that group (not the entire group) and add it to the selection. Keep typing ⇧↑ and you'll add more and more objects inside that group to your selection. Also my experience is the same: click on it in the workspace/artboard and nudging works as expected.
  4. I'm experiencing this exact issue. I thought I was going mad… I can replicate it at will (even in a new document after a restart). Basically, just create a couple shapes or whatever in a new doc. Select one of the shapes in the layers panel. ⇧↑ or ⇧↓ and you'll select the layer or whatever above/below (and won't shift the shape at all). If instead you ⇧ ← or → you'll get an alert sound. Hope you can figure this out! Lemme know if I can help further. My system: Designer 1.5.4 (MAS) MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2016), 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 ˓ scott ˒
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