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  1. There is a behaviour that I have been experiencing in Affinity Designer that I find a bit frustrating. I can’t figure out if it is intentional (and I should change my working habits) or if it is an error. Here’s what’s happening… If I select an object in the dartboard, hold down shift and press the up or down arrow key on the keyboard, the object will move 10 pixels in that direction. This is what I want. However, I select the same object in the layers panel, hold down shift and then press the up or down key on the keyboard, the object stays in position but the layers above / below are selected. This is not my intention. I would like the ability to locate an object in the layers panel and move it up or down using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Is this an intentional behaviour or is there any likelihood of this being changed? Perhaps there is a setting where I can disable this behaviour? I’m not one to complain. Affinity Designer is an excellent product, I already use it as my main graphics software at home and I’m trying to use it at work to replace Photoshop. Keep up the good work Affinity Designer team! Thanks very much for your help.
  2. Thanks so much R C-R and MEB - all of these techniques work great! I especially like the Erase Blend technique, as it gives me the opportunity to change the text later, if I need to. You've solved a big problem for me. Thanks again. Who needs Adobe, huh?! ;)
  3. Hi there, I'm really struggling with a similar problem - hoping you can help. I have a text layer. Under the text layer, I have a shape layer. I'd like the to create a mask so the text layer 'punches through' the shape layer below - therefore leaving a shape with the letters cut out of it. I've followed the tips in this thread but can't get it to work. I've outlined my text. I've rasterised both layers. I've tried swapping the order of the layers. I've followed the video you kindly posted. I'm using v1.4.1 - which I downloaded from the Mac App Store. Please see screen grab attached. Any help happily received. Thanks! NJ
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