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  1. Hi Pigfender 

    Thanks for posting on the forums

    At the moment this is not possible unfortunately, we are intending to add Artboards in the future however, this should be great for what you're looking to do :)

    With regards to the .Tiff file, would it be possible for you to attach the .afphoto file your working with so I can test this?


  2. Hi Vanjan!

    I would suggest the inpainting tool for this, it may take a few attempts to remove the curtains entirely but this should do the job.

    If the inpainting tool is not working after applying an adjustment or effect, this is because you are now working on a different layer. If you reselect the background layer you should be able to use the tool again :)

    If this does not help at all, please attach the image you are working with so I can take a closer look. 


  3. Hi Jonas14

    Thanks for posting on the forums :)

    I am not experiencing similar issues myself, I would suggest resetting the App which can be done by holding down the CTRL key whilst opening the App, clicking 'Select All' and 'Clear'

    Does this help at all? If not, I would suggest perhaps reinstalling. 


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