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Closing and re-opening Affinity photo

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If I close Affinity photo using the red button (top left) I cannot then re-open it.  The interface disappears from the screen but is not actually closed.  It won't open again from either the Finder or the desktop.  I then have to force quit before I can get it to re-open.  If I go to Affinity>Quit then it is OK.  This is annoying but not a deal breaker.  Anyone have the same problem?

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Hi Suesy6652,


Welcome to the Forums :)


The program not quitting when you hit the red x is by design and isn't a bug. A lot of Mac programs actually do this if you open up Pages and then hit the red x it will close all windows but leave the App running. If you right click the Affinity Icon at the bottom of the screen and then choose Quit it will exit the program without needing to force quit. If you left click the Affinity icon at the bottom of your screen you will notice the menu bar at the top of your screen will change to the Affinity one. Here you can open or start a document without having to restart the program to get the interface back. I hope this helps :)



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