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  1. Lasersoft/Silverfast has a new Photoshop plugin "SRDx" for scratch removal. Any idea if it will work with Affinity Photo? I've tried the standard method for adding a plug-in. And was not successful. Not sure ifi it is me or if the two are just incompatible. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for your efforts., But I think R C-R answered my question. Thanks R C-R.
  3. Hello I've just spent some time creating a look/style from 4 layer adjustments, that I wish to use over and over again in the photo persona. I cannot seem to save or create that "style". From the drop down of the styles panel I have created a new style category and renamed it. Then in the drop down of the styles panel I choose "Add style from Selection". I assume that I means the group I made of the layers. Nothing Happens. My nest step is to select Edit in the menu bar. Drop down to Create Style, select and nothing happens. How can I save this "Style" or "Look" without having to select each and every layer? Is it called a style or is called something else that I am missing and probably discover as soon as I post this? I'm thinking that there has to be a way. How did you create your style. Thanks in advance.
  4. I had a bunch of styles piled up and wanted to get out of it. I found this way: Select the original layer (in my case the background). Go to documents in the finder menu then go to restore snapshot and select that layer.
  5. I found an answer. Select the original layer (in this case the background). Go to documents in the finder menu then go to restore snapshot and choose that layer.
  6. I was exploring the Affinity styles in the Photo persona. Seeing what each would do. Clicked one, then another, then another. I want to go back to square one. To the original photo before ANY styles were added. Rather than hitting undo multiple times, and short of closing the project with out saving and reopening the photo, how do I get back to the beginning, without any styles? There has got to be a way.
  7. Complete newbie here: I've applied a quick mask. Selected my areas for adjustment. Made my adjustment (Hooray). Now how do I stop seeing the marquee (Selection area, marching ants) that show the area I just adjusted? I hope this makes sense. So far I've just saved it. Closed the program and them reopened the image. Gotta be a better way.
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