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  1. Currently, when using Apply Image in a macro, the image is hardcoded into the macro. It's hard to imagine a situation when this would be useful. I would really appreciate if the layer could be referenced instead...I believe that would make more sense.
  2. Thank you Carl for verifying the problem. It seems a bit odd that the macro can't reference the layer, especially since it can be done in so many other ways when creating macros. It is also hard to imagine a situation in which it would be useful to hardcode an image into the macro. I have considered splitting it up into two macros, it wouldn't be a problem if it was only me who would be using it, but now some of my friends (who I have talked into trying Affinity) will be using it too...so not the perfect solution. :-) I assume there's a wish list somewhere (I'm new to Affinity), I'll try to find it... Thanks again for your input!
  3. I've made a macro for frequency separation (my first macro attempt in this software, I'm an Affinity noob). In one of the steps I'm dragging a layer over to the Apply Image palette. When I reset the image and apply the macro everything is hunky dory. The problem occurs when I run the macro on a different image. When I do this the macro is using the original layer from the image within I created the macro, for the Apply Image step! I haven't used the Load Source From File, I just dragged the layer according to instructions displayed in the palette and the layers are named the same (they are named by the macro) There seems to be a problemen with Affinity Photo in this case, or am I just missing something obvious? I can't come up with a workaround for dragging the layer, I'm afraid... Fsep.afmacro
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