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  1. Hi David G Ferre,

    Welcome to the forum :)

    Could you check the following location, you can do this by holding down the Windows key and the letter R and entering -  C:\User\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports\reports here you may find some files, if you're able to see them please upload them here. 

    If not, Please upload the images that were used in the stack here so I can test this. 


  2. Hi jasonruzicka,

    Thanks for providing the file. 

    I have looked into this for you and it appears that the error is caused by the path end points being coincident. You will notice in your document that when you have the text highlighted, it shows the handles overlapping. This causes an issue with the alignment of the text on the path which should not be happening. I have reported this to the developers to be fixed in a future update. :)

    I have rectified this for you in your document and have attached it to my post. You should find this displays correctly for you. 

    Jason Ruzicka - hawaiiShirt 4.afdesign

  3. Hi Brittney,

    An issue similar to this has been reported to the developers before but isn't actually a bug. Instead it is an unfortunate  side effect of the way the Adjustments and Live Filters operate on documents that are being viewed at less than 100%

    Your document contains lots of high contrasting pixels between the red and the white. This means what when you zoom out of the document to less than 100% what you see in the application has to get rescaled. As you are using Adjustments and Live Filters then these calculations are being done on the smaller rescaled document and this can cause the differences in appearance that you are seeing at different zoom levels.

    The only way to get an accurate representation of your document is to view it at 100%, or to occasionally merge the layers like you've done to get a more accurate representation of what your export will look like.

    Similar behaviour is exhibited in other applications. For example in Photoshop, the image is hardly visible when zoomed out!

  4. Hi Gavin W,

    Thanks for your post,

    Does this issue seem to occur when working with the mentioned RAW files specifically or does this happen for you with any files that are used?

    On 11/5/2018 at 12:33 AM, Gavin W. said:

    Focus merge of 30 raw images 

    Does the crash still occur when working with less images? I am trying to determine if the crash is related to a memory issue or if it is file specific. 

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