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  1. Mine arrived this morning. Excellent physical properties, stiff cover, thick paper (semi-gloss) and stout binding. Contents looks good too.
  2. ken_p

    Exporting to external drive

    Hi Chris_K If there is insufficient space at the destination, once begun, there is no 'end to the save process'. The process is aborted.
  3. I have had several instances, whilst exporting a *.jpg from AP to an external card reader, AP shut down without warning. It appears that AP does not check whether there is sufficient space at the destination being written to and that the subsequent OS error results in an unscheduled exit by AP.
  4. I suppose the bad news is that this probably signals the end to any further development of these handy NIK plugins.
  5. I have figured out a work-around using the VLC application. Example of a triple stack here: https://1x.com/photo/1096387/all:user:30980
  6. Does Affinity offer a way to extract a good still frame from a video (*.mov), similar to Photoshop's CC 'Import Video to Layers' or 'Render Video'?
  7. I remember watching a video of the creation of 'Dreamers' (not the excerpt used in the launch video), but can't find it now. Any pointers please?