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  1. You have got the first E-Mail from Spain. Enjoy!!! Very interesting, detailed and with lots of things to check and learn. Sorry about my english. In Spain (Europe) there are a lot of frustrated FreeHand loyal users by Adobe.
  2. This is a must see from the boys of FreeHandForum: The comparisons of FreeHand vs Illustrator: http://www.freehandforum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=919 Download the PDF. it is awesome!!!
  3. A lot to learn from FreeHand (from the guys of FreeHandForum): http://www.freehandforum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=919 The PDF comparison FreeHand vs Illustrator is awesome!!!
  4. OK. I have a lot of files made in FreeHand. I will send you basic files with the screen capture of every file. And I will send you complex medium files, with images and its links, etc. I am very surprised with your Application. I would like to be a Betatester ;) ¡Saludos desde España!
  5. FreeHand is for me the best vector application just for draw with precission. What about Paste inside. For example a image or a group of object inside a square? Another one. What about move objects precisely in the way you set? Like 1 mm or 5 pixels? BTW, Option + drag a object does not work in OS X? Is a basic routine from the early ages of DTP. Thanks a lot. In Spain (Europe) there is a lot of power users of the venerable FreeHand application. -------- In spanish: FreeHand es para mi, el mejor programa para dibujar. Punto. ¿Qué hay de pegar dentro? Por ejemplo una imagen o un grupo dentro de un cuadrado? Otra. ¿Se puede ajustar la cuadrícula en la medida que se quiera y así restringir el movimiento de objetos o su creación de milímetro en milímetro o cada 5 píxels, por ejemplo? Por cierto, Opción y arrastra un objeto hace que se duplique. Una vieja rutina. Gracias. En España (Europa) hay muchos usuarios avanzados de FreeHand.
  6. Yeah! Replicate objects from a window palette is a must!!!
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