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  1. Ahaaaa. that seems to have worked in Affinity Photo. Dutchshader trying to confuse me changing programs midstream.... so now I have to try with Designer. Thanks all!
  2. Hi Toltec, I can't do it, would you mind walking me through the steps? I have the motif in the window at the top left (and I'm not quite sure how I did that, either...) but can't get it to fill. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I'll have a look at that later
  4. Thanks Dutchshader, does that mean I have to save the original file as bitmap?
  5. Evening all! I have a question. In Photoshop if you want to make a wallpaper then from the Edit menu you can define a motif, it then appears in the motif library at the top left and you can select it and flood fill with it. (I'm using the Spanish version so the nomenclature might not be quite correct). I've been trying to do this with Affinity photo and can't figure out whether it is possible or not. Or perhaps you have to use Designer instead? I haven't yet found anything equivalent to a motif library, or any way to define a motif, but I expect I'm not looking in the right place. Basic example attached.
  6. This is something that I'm fairly sure that even Photoshop doesn't have, if it does I haven't found it. In my very old copy of Paintshop Pro Anniversary Edition there is a feature where you can open various images on the left in the sidebar, and drag them and arrange them at the required size on the sheet of paper to the right. This is wonderful for creative students (such as myself at the moment) as they can fit as many images as possible on one sheet of paper to cut out later and are not restricted to the Print Contact Sheet as in Photoshop, where all photos must be of the same size and lined up regimented in rows. It would be wonderful if PhotoAffinity could have this feature.