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  1. FEATURE REQUEST: I would also like the idea of being able to toggle on and off visibility of images/object that are outside the document area in AF-Photo. As a work-around using only AF-Photo: 1. Create a Simulated-Artboard document which is 3 times the size of your planned document with a transparent background. 2. Create a Background-for-Artboard document which is the size of your planned document. 3. On the Background-for-Artboard document, add a pixel layer with a flood fill of 87% gray and copy this layer into the Simulated-Artboard document. 4. Use Alignment to center the new layer in your Simulated-Artboard document, then lock this layer and make sure it is always at the bottom (background) of your stack. 5. Before you start working, save the Simulated-Artboard document as a template for repeated use on later projects. Close the Background-for-Artboard document without saving. 6. Now you can add stuff to your document and shuffle things around. Once everything is tickety-boo, then you just crop to the background layer you created and save your crop to a new document. I have attached a template for a letter sized landscape document to demonstrate the procedure. If somebody has a better solution, PLEASE share it. I tried the artboard suggestion posted previously with an attempt to edit an AF-Photo V2 document in AF-Designer V2 and the only thing that keeps happening is the error failure to open in Designer. My document is lost to both Photo and to Designer. The same thing happened when trying to go to Photo from Designer. simulate-artboard.aftemplate
  2. GREAT NEWS!!!! I tried walt.ferrell's recommendation of making a batch file and it works like a charm with FastStone ImageViewer. file name: Affinity Photo v2.bat contents: start /b affinityphoto2.exe %1 exit Did the same thing for Designer and Publisher.
  3. blurred

    Xmas Trees

    Really beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  4. I am a plus one for vector tracing. Hard to believe it still has not been implemented. I also use Inkscape to do tracing.
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