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  1. I'm using Designer to lay out keyframes for animations. We often spill outside of the artboard during design. Any suggestions for doing this workflow in Designer?
  2. Rounding issues shouldn't matter since Serif touts being able to work on infinitesimal details as a core feature. So asking it to expand a curve with a 6px diameter the same way it expands a 600px curve seems reasonable and the fact that it's been in the backlog for 4 years is yet another red flag against Serif. When I made this post I didn't realize it had been in the backlog for so long.
  3. On Affinity Designer 1.7.1 for macOS, If you make a circle, give it a fill and a stroke, and then do "expand stroke", you don't end up with a circle. You end up with a pet rock. Before After
  4. I would benefit from a DAM but non-destructive is such low hanging fruit and so necessary. I don't even care if additional layers aren't linked to it at all. I just need to be able to tweak the RAW develop after I've clicked "yes". It's so necessary it's the only thing keeping me on things like Lightroom / Capture One etc. I know there are people who need everything those developers offer but I personally do not. And now that Affinity Photo has gradient masks for the develop persona, it's really just this one step away from being what I need.
  5. Hi there, I love Affinity Photo and there's only two things missing for me to give up Lightroom (I've already given up Photoshop). First of all, I need a Develop persona that is non-destructive. In other words, I need to be able to tweak exposure/white balance / etc etc after I click "develop." The next thing is previewing RAW files. I don't need a complete photo catalog feature, but something that goes through my camera's RAW files and generates a quick little thumbnail so I can browse the card easier would make a big difference for me. Using Finder to browse through RAW photos is unfortunately pretty slow. Thanks again!
  6. Off topic but I wish Designer were like $3 a month and they dedicated more resources towards features.
  7. This is clearly very popular. What's the hold up? I also need this.
  8. It sounds like your arguing about creative process, not features of tools. As a general rule I don't argue with people about their creative process because I find it to be rude.
  9. Let's say someone sends you a vector graphics file that contains a draft brand guideline and it doesn't have global colors setup. Being able to turn all instances of a color into a global color would be a massive timesaver. Let's say you're doing an illustration and it isn't until you've completed the illustration that you understand which colors are global colors. Being able to turn all instances of a color into a global color would be a massive timesaver. Let's say someone sends you a file that uses the same color over and over again, but since they don't use Affinity Designer they send it as an SVG. Being able to turn all instances of a color into a global color would be a massive timesaver. Hope that helps.
  10. I don't disagree with you, but I cannot control the quality of upstream documents. Additionally, when prototyping designs I don't yet have an understanding of what is a global color until the design has matured. At which point, being able to convert all instances of `#FF33FF` to a global color with `#FF33FF` would be invaluable tool and cover many use cases.
  11. Hi @MEB, try downloading this icon pack and making it an assets collection. https://feathericons.com If you find any UX improvements perhaps you can add that to the backlog. Cheers.
  12. Nice idea and what I received from someone else are two different things, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps a way to convert every instance of a color into a global color would be a more semantic way to achieve what everyone is asking for in this thread.
  13. Looking for a way to select all objects with the same fill color such that I can adjust them all simultaneously.
  14. I am on the Mac App Store version of Designer, it hasn't been updated in over a year, version 1.6.1. Missing features found in the iPad version such as Corner Tool. Am I missing something?
  15. Here’s the palette. Perhaps it will be a good exercise in customer empathy.
  16. Hi MEB, I want you to go try to add a 135 color palette to Afinity Designer for iPad and let me know if you find any ux improvements along the way. If you need some guidance I’d be happy to make a recording of me attempting the same thing.
  17. Hey guys, when working with large files containing many artboards, Affinity opens up the tree to an object but then does not close it when I'm done. What happens is the tree gets very cluttered and I have to go back and close everything individually. This problem is solved in source code editors by having a simple automatic function. If you select and view a file it will collapse when it loses focus. But if you edit the file it will not collapse unless you tell it to explicitly.
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