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  1. oh must be why it's delayed... Congrats all y'all at serif. Your software is marvelous but even more impressive are the books and both of them are home runs.
  2. As you can see in the image provided, the blue and brown colors are not blending. Is there anything I can do to blend them? Thanks
  3. thedane96

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Where is the custom rotation on Designer?
  4. thedane96

    Chance to WIN an iPad Pro and Pencil!

    BRB Gonna make an account named KateM and enter next time :D
  5. thedane96

    1.4.1 updates out now

    Wow how did I not know about that sketch feature thingy. It's life changing and awesome update as always
  6. So is it fixed yet?
  7. Did y'all also fix the one with rasterized images? I haven't gotten reply since Aug 31.
  8. Thread 2 is crashing and I am seeing that it deals with rasterizing and both these images look rasterized so I think the problem is there. I believe it's the overload of pointers causing them to dereference. Just a guess but I believe y'all are way far ahead than I could get to.
  9. Yup. Apparently it was created on photoshop so it was really unusual that one picture could crash the whole app. Definitely something wrong with the framework since it crashes both apps in similar manner
  10. Hey MEB. Really hoping it is fixed soon and I am glad to be here :)
  11. Hi there, I've been using Affinity Photo since it's beta and Affinity designer. Whenever I try to open one specific picture of dimensions 1600x170, both app crashes instantly. I've restarted my computer multiples times and tried to work it out but nothing is working. I've attached the image that is causing the problem. Thanks