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  1. Congratulations!! This award is totally deserved! I LOVE Affinity, both Photo & Designer. I can't wait to see Publisher. I 'm gonna echo @Mithferion in waiting for Designer on iPad! Goodbye Adobe!
  2. Jonathan Toole


    Yeah. I totally understand what you mean about the distraction a good 3D workspace would cause.
  3. Jonathan Toole


    I know it's a lot to ask, but it would be awesome if on some future update, Affinity could add total 3D abilities (maybe even in a new Persona) that would go beyond the capabilities of 3D & Emboss Effects. Things like a 3D workspace with 3D Text, Glyphs, etc.
  4. Jonathan Toole


    If you are talking about Photo, and if I am understanding you correctly, then you can do that with the Lighting tool. 1. Click on the object you want to texturize, 2. Open the lighting tool (you may need to customize your tools) 3. Click the "Load Bump Map" button and select the photo you'd like to use. 4. Adjust the depth of the texture with the slider If you want to add photo fills to objects, you'd do that with the Gradient tool 1. select the object 2. select your gradient tool (you may need to customize your tools) 3. drag over the object 4. in your context bar, click the dropdown that determines the type of gradient and click bitmap 5. that will open a dialogue, select the image you want for a background 6. adjust the image with the handles I hope that helps!

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