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  1. thanks Walt - unfortunately when i click instal it pops up a window and only lists my remote laptop. sigh. like i said lesson learnt. i will not be buying from the store again. at least AppStore actually works.
  2. hi - yes to both. i only have one account and am logged in to it. it is picking up my laptop which is at home. i just cannot believe there is no option to download it. i really regret not purchasing directly from AF site. i have requested a refund anyway. if i get one i will purchase again and avoid the MS Store altogether for any future products as well.
  3. hello, i have AF Designer for Mac and just purchased the PC version - from the Microsoft Store (BIG MISTAKE!) there is no option to download the software anywhere - just an Instal button that does not even list the PC i am currently on!! absolute garbage Microsoft. i am in urgent need to use this software on this PC and i cannot even instal it. i would really appreciate some assistance. thank you.
  4. yep - agreed. it is nuts that this feature does not exist. i find it a fundamental part of needing symbols in the first place!
  5. hello, i seem to be having issues with the marquee tool in the pixel persona layout. i have a large object i would like to take a sample from. so i have gone into pixel persona layout and drawn a rectangular marquee over the area i would like to use. however when i try to copy, i do not get any response. pasting simply pastes the last layer i copied earlier. is there a trick to this? thank you.
  6. please do - this definitely needs an opt out as not all devs use the same naming conventions. thanks.
  7. hi Lee, i have looked but still see no option to rename the file - when the export window appears it only gives me the option to 'select export folder' - this is after clicking the 'export selected' button in the slices panel. i have looked at the png options under 'export' in the main menu but still cannot seem to find a way to prevent the auto naming of all my slices. the 'file/export' dialogue gives me the option to rename - but that seems to be for exporting a single full page image. there is an option that states 'area' but for some reason this is greyed out. i must be missing something? thank you.
  8. hello, seem to have a serious issue when resizing a document. i have tried resizing from different anchor points and every time i find that the slices do not move in proportion to my layers - thus completely ruining the alignment of all my exported images. is there any way to lock the slices to the layer / group they have been associated with? thanks.
  9. hello - to add to the colour picker improvements i would like to propose an option to choose whether you can click and select a colour or to keep the select and drag. in it's current form, having to keep pressure on the track pad to drag it across the screen is very irritating. why not click the tool then click again when you are ready to select? sometimes when choosing a colour down to the pixel it is very hard to fine tune this whilst having to keep pressure on the track pad. thanks.
  10. hi MEB - thanks for pointing that out. glad to hear it is being discussed. i will add to the linked thread. cheers.
  11. hello - hopefully i am missing something here as i am a fresh user to the program but i am finding the colour picker to be very counter productive. for one, having to keep pressure on the track pad to drag it across the screen is very irritating. why not click the tool then click again when you are ready to select? sometime when choosing a colour down to the pixel it is very hard to fine tune this whilst having to keep pressure on the track pad. additionally, and more baffling, is when i finally select the colour it does not fill the shape with the colour but rather adds the colour to the dot beside it. i then have to click the picker again to confirm the colour change. as a reflex i often close this window before i click the picker again simply because i have expected the shape to change colour when i actually selected the colour. then i have to start the process all over! i use this tool extensively and it is actually one of the most inefficient processes in the menu for me. can you please at least provide options for the user to change the function of this tool - ie 'one click select', or 'instant colour change on select'? like i said - hopefully ive missed something or there is an alternative way to achieve what im doing more efficiently. thank you.
  12. hello, i have been exporting slices at @2x and was wondering if there was a way to prevent the files from being automatically renamed. thank you.
  13. ah cool man fair enough. tho in all honesty ive never understood why the rectangle gets singled out for a dedicated rounded corners tool and not other shapes. maybe bc the rectangle is most often used for elements such as buttons, borders, boundaries, etc. - but i still find it odd given how often i want to add corners to other shapes. fortunately the corner tool Affinity has implemented is fantastic and extremely quick and easy to use for all other shapes. as a result, for me anyway, having a rounded rectangle (only) tool seems superfluous. but like you said - currently the UI is not at all cluttered and there is plenty of real estate. tho maybe having the ability to modify toolbars could help users manage their workspace more efficiently. i would certainly like to be able to move some of my tool elements arounds and even add or remove buttons.
  14. strange you should say that as i still have the rounded box tool on my toolbar.
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