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  1. Thanks, MEB; Point is: Why doesn't 'clicking on the group and applying expand stroke' work? I think it is the more intuitive way. (Although your solution is far more logical than mine, I admit )
  2. One more issue regarding 'expand stroke': I wrote a text, converted to curves; then added a 1p. stroke. Then applied 'expand stroke'. Result: none... until I double-clicked on each letter individually and applied 'expand stroke', and then it worked. Not a huge issue, but I spent some working time until I found the workaround.
  3. This is a known issue with the last update. You can workaraund it by keeping Ctrl pressed while launching AP, and click on the 'clear user defaults' line. You can leave the others unchecked. Hope that helps, it worked for me. Regards; Val
  4. Maybe it is a clue for the issue: I experienced the same crashing problem and also I have installed the nik collection.
  5. Same OSX Sierra bug here on Photo. It crashes when opening the preferences.
  6. Hi; I've found an unexpected behaviour (unexpected for me, of course) when adding a text to a circle shape. I was trying to write the text all around the circle by outside, but instead when I've written half the text, it jumps down and to the inner part of the circle (see attached image). Is there any way to prevent this, a workaround, or I'm doing sthing wrong? Thanks in advance; Val
  7. I mean, Is it possible to see the Aperture, ISO and Exposure data of a given photo without having to go into Develop Persona? When shooting in RAW it is not a problem since the photo is obviously opened directly in Develop Persona, but in JPG I must go to Develop Persona to see the info and back to Photo persona to perform adjustments I want. Thanks; Val
  8. Hi; More a question than a request, let me know what you think. Currently, if I apply an adjustment over an image, when I close its window the adjustment keeps selected, forcing to manually select the original layer in order to perform other tasks. For example: let's play with the levels... ok, it's good. Now let's apply some focus... mmmh ¿why is it not working? Oh, the layer is unselected. Now let's apply some intensity... but I'm seeing some noise; as the noise filter doesn't work well yet, let's go to develop persona. ¿What? ¿An error message? Oh, it's the layer becaming unselected agai
  9. Hi; Spanish translation issue: The second option in the filters menu is called 'afilar'; inside it, there's an option called 'máscara de desenfoque' that should be called the opposite: 'máscara de enfoque'. In fact, I was crazy looking for the 'enfoque' filter until I found it buried into an 'afilar' section (don't know why to call this menu that way) and mispelled as 'desenfoque'. Regards; Val
  10. Hi; I'm having trouble with the develop persona. All the options work correctly except the noise reduction one; I'm able to use it, make the changes properly to the image, but when I hit the develop button those changes are lost. It only happens with noise reduction, any other setting I use works fine and remains after develop. Did anyone encounter something similar? Thanks; Val
  11. Shit... I knew it was a stupid thing... It seems I'm still used to other apps. Many thanks. V.
  12. Hi; I've noticed that I cannot make multiple selections. I mean, I use the marquee tool to select an area, then press Shift and use the marquee tool in a different area. The first selection area dissappears. This happens with any selection tool, including magic wand. Missing something? Thanks; Val
  13. Strange. If I do what you say, the app just opens the file in a new tab, no dialogue.
  14. Hi; It might be a good idea to have a 'translate suggestions' sub-forum here, in order to suggest Affinity team localization improvements or submit translation errors, not merging them with real bugs. Currently, I've noticed that in the Spanish language 'nudge' is strangely translated to 'zumbido'. I couldn't figure out what whas this preference for, until I realize that the 1px and 10px distances that appears there are the same distance you jump when using the cursor. 'Zumbido' is the sound a Bee makes... can't see why is it assigned to the nudges (wich can be translated to 'codazos' or 'em
  15. As we're in the 'feature request' section... may I suggest to add the 'Insert Artoboard' option to a menu? I didn't know it even existed, probably becouse it only appears when the artboard tool is selected. I don't need this now that I know how to do it, but it might be useful for new users. V.
  16. I still don't like the existence of two separated document modes, but thinking of it there's only a couple of things that annoy me a bit. One is the different background color, topic that has been discussed already. Here's the other: I open a single-paged document, with a frontpage designed, for example. Hey, let's create a smaller version alongside it... I create a new artboard and pop! the original page dissapeared, and my design is now floating in the pasteboard. I know I can previously create an object that fits my page, convert it to an artboard, drag my design to it (in most cases the d
  17. Well, that worked... no need to clear the options in the beta; did it with the MAS version and both apps seems to run properly. Thanks. Don't know what caused this. As I will restore my settings again, it might occur again; I'll tell you if I find something. Thanks again; Val
  18. Hi; Something strange happened to APhoto; I'm no longer able to modify any document with it. It opens properly, but no matter what tool I try to select, nothing happens, and I get a 'puh' sound instead. Most of menu options appear greyed as well, including the 'quit' one, so I must force it. I've tryed both the MAS version and the Beta one, with the same result. ADesigner, however, works properly (both the MAS and the Beta). Any ideas? Thanks; Val -UPDATE- This behaviour only happens when I right-click on a document and select 'open with Affinity Photo'. If AP is running and I open
  19. Yes, I agree that this would be useful. I'll add that the other way around can be interesting, too: have all the shapes in a group, instead of some of them as individual and others grouped. If you don't use shapes frequently this will save space in the toolbar while keeping them handy. Also, the group can update itself, not showing those shapes that are placed individually in the toolbar, and this way you can have the ones you use as individuals and the others grouped. Don't know it this is a headache to implement. V.
  20. Absolutely agreed. I've already asked for a new option in layers menu: 'create artboard', but your suggestion makes sense too. There're many tool/menu/panel improvements suggested by the users, so I think we must be patient with this. V.
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