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  1. Welcome to the forums @Josephine ray, The heart shape in your image appears to have already been cut in half, unless you're using it as a reference image? You could do this from scratch by following something like the below: Draw out a heart shape with the quick shape tool. Select the Pen tool and draw the line over the top of the heart for the cut and increase the stroke width as required Edit menu > Expand stroke to create a closed curve from the line Select the Move tool and highlight both layers in the layers panel Use the Boolean > Subtract function along the context toolbar to subtract the line from the heart shape https://affinity.help/designer2ipad/English.lproj/pages/ObjectControl/join.html https://affinity.help/designer2ipad/English.lproj/pages/CurvesShapes/expandStroke.html
  2. Hi @soloabner, This is a known issue currently logged with the Devs, the live perspective filter when used on artboards can cause artefacts to appear in Designer. I'll bump the existing issue with your report.
  3. Hi @Fantomas.CZ, Not anything new to share sadly, I'm now watching the improvement internally so if there's any change I'll post back on this thread.
  4. Hi @eobet, This is a bug with expand stroke on strokes with an arrowhead set, the issue has been logged previously so i'll bump it with your report. 🙂
  5. Hi @eobet, Looks like the curve is open on the right hand side where the two nodes are (turn off the fill on the curve and you'll see this). Use the 'Close Curve' function on the node tool with one of the nodes selected and then try using the Corner tool again. round-corner-now-works.afdesign
  6. Hallo @Tiberius Kraemer Wie wir sehen, haben Sie uns auch eine E-Mail zu Ihrer Anfrage geschickt, die wir nun beantwortet haben.
  7. Welcome to the forums @sbsdk, If you re-enter your Affinity ID details you originally registered the trial against and then press 'Activate' on the login screen it will then continue the existing trial period on your account. 🙂
  8. Hi @MikeTO, I've now replicated and logged this with the devs. 🙂
  9. Hi @PeterB., Thanks for sending over the file, it is very likely to be related to the now fixed bug referenced earlier if the document was being worked on in an earlier app version, it just wouldn't have retrospectively applied to resources already affected by the issue prior to the update, though replacing the existing resource evidently refreshes and corrects this.
  10. Thanks for sending those over, unfortunately the crash reports are very generic and there isn't much to pull from the backtrace, I'm also still not able to re-produce the crash myself but it's good to see that you do have a workaround. I did notice on your recording that both your Templates folder was in a iCloud directory so you may want to consider moving these off to a location not on the cloud or backed up by iCloud, and your Desktop is also synced to iCloud where the .XLSX file was pulled from, so moving these files to a location which isn't synced or backed up by iCloud may help alleviate this as there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with the files themselves.
  11. Hi @Margarite Hamilton, I'm not seeing this in V1, I've set up two identical designer documents using the dimensions shown in your screenshots with the only difference being the Unit of measurement, after assigning the bleed within the doc the width was identical, as shown below: Doc 1, set 4"x4" 300DPI 0.125" Bleed: Doc 2, set 101.6x101.6mm 300DPI 3.175mm Bleed (Bleed numerical value rounds to 3.2mm on the UI, but it is 3.175mm): Are you certain that you set the bleed value correctly on the document created with the mm unit of measurement? When assigning a bleed value, you can change the unit of measurement over to inches and the app will perform the conversion to mm for you. If you're still struggling can you save the two files and provide a copy of the .afdesign files so we can take a look?
  12. Hallo @Chuva In Word ist Ihre Korrekturlesesprache wahrscheinlich auf Deutsch (Schweizer) eingestellt, daher berücksichtigt Publisher dies, wenn Sie die Word-Datei platzieren. Zurück in MS Word können Sie die Einstellung Ihrer Korrektursprache steuern, indem Sie den Inhalt Ihres Dokuments markieren (STRG + A) und auf der Registerkarte „Überprüfen“ > „Sprache“ > „Sprache für Korrekturhilfen festlegen“ > „Deutsch (Deutschland)“ > „Als Standard festlegen“ > „OK“ auswählen. Dadurch wird dann die Standardsprache für die Rechtschreibprüfung und auch die Sprache geändert, die auf Ihr gesamtes Word-Dokument angewendet wird. Informationen zur Wortschreibung: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/office/rechtschreib-und-grammatikprüfung-in-einer-anderen-sprache-667ba67a-a202-42fd-8596-edc1fa320e00 Was Publisher betrifft, sollten Sie weiterhin in der Lage sein, Ihr Rechtschreibwörterbuch auf die Standardeinstellung Deutsch zurückzusetzen, indem Sie den Textrahmen auswählen und diesen dann im Dropdown-Menü „Zeichen“ > „Sprache“ > „Rechtschreibung“ ändern. Wenn Sie damit nicht den gesamten Rahmen ändern können, wählen Sie den gesamten Inhalt mit dem Textrahmen-Werkzeug (STRG + A) aus und ändern Sie dann die Schreibweise für den Rahmeninhalt. Sie können das Deutsch-Schweizer Wörterbuch auch in der Affinity-App installieren, indem Sie den Anweisungen in den FAQ unten folgen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass für die Deutsch-Schweizer Wörterbuchdateien das Suffix „_Frami“ aus dem Dateinamen entfernt werden muss, damit es funktioniert. Dies wird auch in den verlinkten FAQ behandelt.
  13. Thanks for the recording, I would first suggest removing that 'World Conflict' font from the font manager and rebooting. For me that font outright refused to install as it caused Windows Font Manager to freeze, and on your recording the app also froze when you hovered over it.
  14. Benvenuti nel forum @Ramona, I file EPS forniti da siti di stock come Freepik e Vecteezy a volte non sono veri file .EPS e sono essenzialmente file .AI camuffati da file .EPS. Quando questi file vengono aperti in Affinity, Affinity è in grado di leggere/analizzare solo il flusso di dati .EPS nativo contenuto nel file, il che può comportare una rasterizzazione involontaria dei livelli e livelli frammentati per qualsiasi caratteristica del file non supportata dal formato .EPS standard. Purtroppo non c'è modo di evitare che ciò accada, poiché i dati nativi .AI non sono supportati da Affinity. Il pannello 'Stock' (Finestra > Stock) di affinity può aprire file vettoriali da Pixabay, purché sia selezionata l'opzione 'vettoriale' come alternativa. https://affinity.help/designer2/it.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Panels/stockPanel.html?title=Pannello Stock
  15. Hi @johnyoungphotos, Initially I'd suggest just closing all apps you have running in the background/taskbar so that only Designer is open and see how the loading times are. Also, have a task manager Window open on the 'Performance' tab and see what your Memory/CPU/Disk usages are at the point in which you are loading a file and browsing the fonts to see if you're running into any hardware limitations. The font lag could potentially be caused by a problem font, if you can capture font browser freezing on a screen recording that may be helpful in identifying this. Screen record guide: Also, to confirm are you using Designer V1 or V2, and is it updated to the latest version available? Many thanks
  16. Hi @awakenedbyowls, Which app are you working in? If you're in Designer the quickest way is to use the 'X' button located at the bottom left hand corner, this will clear all active object selections. If you do have a magic/external keyboard connected to your iPad unfortunately the CMD + D to deselect doesn't currently clear active object selections when it should, only pixel selections which is logged with the developers.
  17. Not as it currently stands, it's possible to default certain tools within the app but this is only really for object attributes, for example the quick shape tool's fill/stroke default can be changed. https://affinity.help/designer2/English.lproj/pages/ObjectControl/objectDefaults.html
  18. Welcome to the forums @KillerBlood, One of the crash reports references 'nvwgf2umx.dll' as the faulting module, which appears to be Nvidia GPU driver related/component, and a fair few of the other reports all show librenderer crashes. Since you already have H/A disabled I'd suggest following the below: Update your GPU drivers and perform a clean install You can download the latest drivers for your Graphics card from the link below. when prompted to, make sure to check the 'Clean installation' box during install. https://www.nvidia.co.uk/download/driverResults.aspx/216308/en-uk Reset drivers via DDU If it still crashes, try doing a complete uninstall of your graphics card drivers using a dedicated tool for this purpose (Such as DDU linked below) and then restart and install your graphics card drivers (using the link above) to completely refresh them. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  19. Hi @Terentyev Publisher, I'm also only getting a ~11KB empty publisher file on Mac so it's possible there is something environment related on your device/app causing this to happen. I did notice that your 8MB publisher doc is RGB/16 when compared to your RGB/8 Designer file, but I wouldn't expect this to cause this significant of a file size inflation. It is possible to save certain defaults with files in Publisher which can contribute to file size, so I'd suggest following the below to default these: 1. Close all Affinity apps 2. Hold down CTRL and launch Publisher while still holding CTRL 3. A 'Clear user data' menu will appear, tick the following boxes from the screenshot below: 4. Press 'Clear' and the app will now launch 5. Try creating a new document in the RGB/8 colour space and check the file size again. If you could also confirm the location that your saving the file to, and if saving to a different location locally impacts the file size as Carl mentioned that would be great.
  20. Hi @AndyV, Your original flood fill selection area workflow should work so long as you have a pixel layer actively selected in the layers panel. I'd suggest checking that your flood fill tool is set to 'Current Layer' or 'Current Layer & Below' so that it does affect the selected pixel layer, and if you're still having trouble send us a screenshot of your full document window with an active selection and the flood fill tool selected.
  21. Hi @Remi Turcotte, There's a known issue currently logged with the developers where the adjustment dialog will appear behind the document/image when the image tabs are floated, It sounds like you're running into this bug so i'll bump it with your report. With 'random' crashes I'd always suggest disabling Hardware Acceleration first under Edit > Preferences > Performance and then restarting the app for it to take effect and monitor if this has any impact as it can cause problems with certain hardware and software configs. If the crashes still persist we'll need a bit more info, such as if you can recall any steps taken that lead up to the crash along with any recent crash reports, the FAQ linked below details how to find these. Many thanks
  22. Hi @srg, We'll need a little more info, could you possibly provide us with a screen recording demonstrating the problem, along with a copy of the file where you encountered this masking problem? If you don't wish to share the file publicly I can provide a private upload link. Many thanks
  23. Hi @Grazuncle, The dedicated colour picker tool highlighted in your screenshot has an 'Apply to Selection' option along the context toolbar which will auto apply the picked colour to your selected object (in this case an image object has been filled). You can optionally turn this setting off with the tool selected to prevent this happening when sampling. 🙂 Info: https://affinity.help/photo2/English.lproj/pages/Tools/tools_clrpicker.html
  24. Hi @christerdk, The ability to define which layers are included per slice for variations has come up previously in a feature request thread (linked below). I'm not aware of a way to achieve this currently. An alternative could be to create a duplicate group/layer per design variation and therefore slice, but that may entail more work than your existing toggle visibility workflow.
  25. Welcome to the forums @foobstootsmittens, Sorry to hear that, If the app fails to create a new document/open any existing files, this is normally an indication of a GPU/Driver based issue on your device which is causing Affinity to crash when rendering. I've provided some potential solutions below to run through below in order: Disable Hardware Acceleration Within the apps under Edit > Preferences > Performance try disabling Hardware Acceleration (The last tickbox) and then close the interface and restart the app when prompted to and try again. Update your GPU Drivers Make sure that you have the latest available drivers installed for your GPU, I've linked the AMD driver search below. If possible, perform a clean installation of your drivers if given the option. https://www.amd.com/en/support Reset drivers via DDU If it still freezes/crashes, try doing a complete uninstall of your graphics card drivers using a dedicated tool for this purpose (Such as DDU linked below) and then restart and install your graphics card drivers (using the links above to search) to completely refresh them. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html — If you’re still having trouble, could you send me a DXDIAG report? To do this, bring up run command (Win + R) and then type in the following: DXDIAG and then press enter. On the new window, press ‘Save all information’ and then save it to a text file on your device and send me a copy of the .txt file. Could you also send me a screenshot of your in app performance preferences? If there’s any recent crash reports for the app(s) available, could you also send me these? I’ve provided a link to an FAQ post below on finding crash reports. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/168448-where-do-i-find-crash-reports-for-affinity-v2-apps/#comment-963913 Many thanks
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