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  1. Oh yeah, and not to mention the tons of tool switching. But otherwise, really like the program. The artboard tool is overall good, and the exports is really the shining star of the program.
  2. This is a must have for the artboard. It's really difficult without this. I'm on a project where I have 61 artboards, that all need to be resized a bit different to vertically fit the content, while the horizontal has to stay the same. I have to adjust 61 rectangles up and down a bunch of times, if I accidentally make them too small.
  3. Hi, using mac. I use a G600 mouse. Thought it might be the mouse based on your polling comment. So I switched back to regular magic mac mouse. Still happens. Very frustrating because I'm naming hundreds of things. I made this file. Try renaming Artboard 1 to "Testing Number 1-1a", "Testing Number 1-2b", etc for the entire file as fast as you possibly can. You have to do a lot, because you'll think it's working at first, but after the 9th one or so, it just goes nuts and starts highlighting other layers. Also start closing up the layer, and then stuff happens like opacity turns to 40% if I'm typing a number. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to replicate. Demo of renaming Problem.afdesign
  4. R C-R, Thank you for posting! Your experience seems similar to my own. Yeah, sometimes it's taken a really long time. Sometimes I've thought a layer was wrong, only to click into it and find out it was right. Dan C, Thanks! And I appreciate the warm welcome that I have received here from the staff and others in the community! Here are the screenshots:
  5. Bruce, I'm not quite sure what you are meaning here? Oh...BTW my set up is Affinity Designer 1.10.4, and Mac OS 11.6.2. (A little bit older than your OS version) Toggling the visibility of the layer updates the layer. However, turning off visibility doesn't increase the speed at which the layer updates on its own.
  6. I'm a new user. I wanted to thank the staff for their warm welcome, and attention to the bugs I posted. Thank you! ---------------------- Mac OS 11.6.2 Big Sur, Affinity Designer 1.10.4 Here is the problem I am having. Problem #1: When I click sometimes the entire line gets selected (similar to CMD+A), AFTER I have clicked a second time, to remove the selection. Problem #2: Sometimes without me pushing enter, the renaming process gets closed. (Similar to pushing enter) Notice with the key caster that I never push CMD+A, and I push enter only rarely. Here is the video, where I will break down one instance of the problem: (So if you open it in another tab, you can follow the time-codes.) https://recordit.co/e8DYo78qpb TIP: This video has no slow down button, but if you make the window big, you can hold down and move the playhead slowly. It scrubs pretty well. Example Problem #1: :30 I double click on layer to rename :30 layer name gets highlighted as expected :31 click on the right side of the naming bar :31 layer name gets deselected :31 move mouse out of the way to see I'm not clicking on layer :32 the layer name gets highlighted by Affinity Designer (Notice that I did not click or push enter or CMD+A) Example Problem #2: :27 I go into the "Rosart and Fleisch K" layer to rename :27 Click on the right side of the words to deselect :28 Move my mouse up, so that you can see that I can't click on anything :28 Push spacebar. :28 Affinity designer closes "rename layer", without me clicking on anything or pressing "enter" These problems are very frequent. Sometimes it doesn't happen, other times it will happen every time I try to rename. If you guys have a support ticket system, I will submit this file into that. Thanks for all your help!
  7. Ok, since it repeated I was wondering if people were going to understand it. Here is the recording. When I click on the Fra Luca layer, it switches to the "Letter E Montage" Layer at about the :12 or :13 mark. https://recordit.co/THylpI5LxG Lol about the flashing. (I'm switching between layers and trying to rename. I work rapidly. Thank you League of Legends.)
  8. Good point! Affinity Designer on Mac Thumbnail for the layer, but also the letter name in parentheses, such as (E) I forgot to state the steps. Use text tool to make selection. From the glyph panel replace the letter. Push escape or CMD+D, to get out. The letter stays the same. GIF: Here I'm using a special character, but it also happens with normal characters like 'D'.
  9. At the end of this Gif, it happens for only a split second. (Where it selects the bottom layer "Letter E Montage") Usually this incorrect selection stays highlighted, but it is unpredictable.
  10. Wait, I found the solution to renaming in the layers panel! ¦-| haha, sorry. But I'm only half joking.
  11. Amen, this currently is a PAIN. Would you want to spend your time clicking 40 triangles to close up 40 layers? What if I do 40 files (which I will.) That is 1,600 triangle clicks!! This isn't even a feature request. Isn't this basic human decency to not torture someone with clicking a thousand triangles? If I wanted to do that instead of designing, I'd be playing Tetris. And I'm saying Tetris, because this layers panel is from that era!! (But I love your guy's export options. Very good!! It's the main reason I am trying out the program.)
  12. My mouse was up here, I double click and a totally unrelated layer starts getting renamed??
  13. I've gotten super confused when it takes 10 seconds for layers to get updated. You can see that I've already renamed the layer, then had the time to take this screenshot, and the layer was still not updated.
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