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    JPBERUTTI910 reacted to nitro912gr in Affinity Designer V2 getting really slow and laggy after some time   
    there are more answer below that that clarify that affinity team is on it.
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    JPBERUTTI910 got a reaction from Pep75 in Affinity Designer and Photo gets slow and laggy after couple of hours   
    We are in version 2.0 and this problem still exist. After a couple of hourse Designer gets supper laggry and unresponsive.
    No fix to this , yet?
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    JPBERUTTI910 reacted to NathanC in Expand artboard and resample texture automatically   
    No Problem,
    1. I first created a blank new document in Photo and added a new Fill layer by going to Layers > New Fill Layer and gave the fill layer a bitmap image and then saved the document (See Attached Test Artboard Fill.afphoto)
    2. I then created a blank new Artboard in Designer and opened the afphoto fill document.
    3. Copy the Fill layer and paste it onto the artboard.
    4. When I re-scale the artboard to a larger size the fill layer automatically adjusts to the size of the artboard.
    Hope this helps 🙂
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    JPBERUTTI910 got a reaction from C.L. in Setting maximum RAM usage in Preferences   
    This is what's happening to me. I can work in AD for 2-3 hrs max, before it starts acting laggy,choppy and slooooow. I'm on a new brand pc, with 8 gb of ram and a rtx 3050ti. Either you need at leas 16 gb of ram to work with the affinity suite, or there's a big memory leak ...or both. Disappointing.
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    JPBERUTTI910 reacted to NotMyFault in Setting maximum RAM usage in Preferences   
    It could be AD, or it could be any other process running in background on your PC, or the OS itself.
    I get this issue with any app (Affinity, M365, Video Cutter, …), on any PC (I have used at least 8 different PCs with Windows 10, private and corporate).
    Latest issue was a VPN software leading to 100% cpu after several hours of running (unrelated if VPN was used, affected all app).
    We don’t know, it is extremely difficult to analyze. I get days where AD runs perfectly over hours, with multiple open documents. On other days I need to reboot the PC more than once because the system gets unstable  (laggy, hanging, rendering issues, …)
    From a user perspective it is disappointing, but you can’t blame Affinity for issues on HW, OS, driver level.
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