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  1. Do I have to re-start the computer before I see a template I downloaded? (Recipe Book). The first one showed up straight away (Photo Porfolio). Puzzled as to what am I missing here?
  2. Thanks, yes I did watch that one. However I am persevering slowly. Thank you. regards, CL
  3. I'm just starting to learn Publisher so I feel silly asking this...(ex-InDesign user, very out of practise). I started by watching Affinity's tutorials for Publisher Desktop e.g. "Linked Text Frames" video and "Sections" as well, which helped get me started, setting up a book of over 200 pages. Once I decided on my book dimensions I set up a Master Page. Next I populated the text (as described 9 minutes in to Affinity's "Linked Text Frames" tutorial video) - and it worked wonderfully. I formatted and laid out the first 6 chapters, adding pictures as I went. As the chapters took shape contents-wise, I wanted to create some sections delineating those chapters, which all went smoothly. So far so good! But text still flows from one section to the next! I want my chapters to be not constantly pushing content around in the next chapter if I happen to add a picture in the previous chapter, if you catch my drift. I tried severing the last text frame of a chapter but then all the text disappears for the rest of the book. I know I am making a big rookie mistake! I checked all the forums I could, and Affinity Help, and back over the Tutorial videos, and nothing tells me what I am doing wrong. Simply put: how do I keep chapter content separate and not flowing in to the next section/chapter? Sorry if this is ridiculously basic but it isn't obvious to me.
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