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  1. Hi Affinity Team, So looking forward to have implemented 1-bit tiff in your Designer app. Why? you may ask. Let's your/our friends at True Grit give a reasonable explanation: https://www.truegrittexturesupply.com/blogs/news/1200dpi-or-die All the best and keep the good work! Luis
  2. "I'll be honest here - we will never implement 1bit document support.. However, we would be happy to implement support for *exporting* 1bit TIFF etc. - would that be enough? Thanks, A" 😬😬😬 Hope is a joke!!!! "Please Affinity, this is the last thing I need to ditch Adobe for good. Thanks." 🙄
  3. Hi there, Has this issue been solved? Can't figure it out… I can colour the 1-bit tiff but can't make the white transparent. Thanks
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