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  1. The arrival of CorelDraw for mac and the lack of responsiveness from the Affinity dev-team, has tipped the scales in favor of Corel. Our lab just bought 30 edu licenses for our design and prototype lab here at Roskilde University. As a longtime Designer user I had hoped for something else. :-/ The lack of useful file exports for CNC/Laser/CAD makes Designer a poor choice for physical design.
  2. This is what I need more than anything to make Designer my day-to-day tool. I'm even willing to pay for the upgrade is Serif has to pay a licensing fee to AutoDesk. There are no functional vector-drawing app for mac out there with this functionality. Please make this happen in the forthcoming v.1.7 update. :-)
  3. schack

    DXF support

    +1 on the DXF import/export ability. Please make that happen.
  4. +1 on the DXF import/export ability. Crucial for making stuff. :-)