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  1. Nope. Same route for our design lab. Designer is useless for laser cutters since it can't export DXF or illustrator. Since we're an educational institution we could buy Corel Draw classroom sets for both Mac and Win for about the same cost as Designer. I was actually both surprised and disappointed that neither of the export options was included in the 1.7 release. I've deleted Designer since it won't see much use anymore.
  2. The arrival of CorelDraw for mac and the lack of responsiveness from the Affinity dev-team, has tipped the scales in favor of Corel. Our lab just bought 30 edu licenses for our design and prototype lab here at Roskilde University. As a longtime Designer user I had hoped for something else. :-/ The lack of useful file exports for CNC/Laser/CAD makes Designer a poor choice for physical design.
  3. This is what I need more than anything to make Designer my day-to-day tool. I'm even willing to pay for the upgrade is Serif has to pay a licensing fee to AutoDesk. There are no functional vector-drawing app for mac out there with this functionality. Please make this happen in the forthcoming v.1.7 update. :-)
  4. schack

    DXF support

    +1 on the DXF import/export ability. Please make that happen.
  5. +1 on the DXF import/export ability. Crucial for making stuff. :-)

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