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  1. Also it’s worth being aware that a ‘forum’ account is different to a ‘store’ account and therefore that can cause a misunderstanding at login for those freebies. I spent ages approaching the store login from different directions mistakenly believing there was an error, user or online. In the end I created a new account and all went well.
  2. I need to adjust the zero position of the rulers in order to allow for a bleed and then precisely position items within my image. Is this possible or is it a case of a little bit of mental arithmetic each time?
  3. I regularly work to a specific set of document sizes. 126mm sq at 300dpi to give a 120mm image with a 3mm bleed. Is it possible to save this setup so that I don't have to start from first principles each time? Or is it a case of making a template to reload at job start?
  4. It would be very useful to be able to: 1. Move the ruler origin point to any position other than top left of the artwork. 2. Save a set of user parameter settings for a new file, ie size, margins, resolution etc. which could be available in a drop down menu. Not major additions but very useful for those of us who repeatedly work with images in non- standard sizes (CD format for instance). These additions would be useful in both Photo & Designer. Thank you.
  5. Is that 10 days from download or 10 days from first use?
  6. Apologies if this question has been posed before, but I can't find an answer. Can anybody tell me what limitations are imposed on the free trial versions of Designer and Photo.